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Caramels & Sauces

Renshaw have a delicious and versatile range of caramels and sauces. All our caramels are made using the traditional cooking process for a rich, smooth flavour. Our Applications Team will support you with developing classic and trending ideas, and our NPD Team can develop bespoke products for your specific application needs.

Which Caramel or Sauce is right for you?

All of our caramels are suitable for vegetarians.
Both our Luxury Caramel and Creamy Injectable Caramel are Halal certified.  
Luxury Caramel
A rich, smooth, chewy traditional caramel, used for layering, filling and topping. Ideal for banoffee pies and slice lines like millionaire’s shortbread. Find out more.
Creamy Injectable Caramel
A smooth caramel, perfect for filling doughnuts and profiteroles, drizzling over desserts and ice cream, and as a chocolate caramel centre. Find out more.
Creamy Vegan Caramel
A smooth, buttery caramel authenticated by The Vegetarian Society. Our latest caramel is not compromised in function or taste, and is perfect for flooding, injecting, and drizzling over desserts.  Find out more.
Low Water Activity Caramel
A smoot, viscous caramel with a distinct toffee flavour. Low water activity retains flavour without compromising texture. For use with cereal and nutrition bars. Find out more.
Caramel, chocolate, and toffee flavour sauces are ideal for use in hot drinks, and topping desserts. Contact our team to find out more about our sauces. 
Application Inspiration
Our Application team have provided an array of recipes and tips on using our vast caramel range. Click here to find out more.
For all enquiries contact our customer service team at customercare@jfrenshaw.co.uk or call us on 0151 706 8200 and a member of our team will be in touch to best assist you.
Caramel Rocky Road

This gooey tray bake featuring our Luxury Caramel has all the textures to satisfy your customers. Customise with fillings to suit all seasons and special occasions.

Vegan Millionaire's Tart

A twist on a classic, this tasty treat features our brand new Creamy Vegan Caramel. Finish with Lustre or Confetti for added wow factor.

Caramel Espresso Cake

A patisserie style dessert with perfect layers of buttercream, caramel, and a coffee sponge to cut through the sweetness.