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Summer Holiday Baking Fun

Friday 10th August 2018

We all know that keeping the little ones entertained for 6 WHOLE weeks can seem difficult and it can be even tougher finding new and fun activities. Now that we’re over halfway through the school holidays, this daily task is sure to be getting harder. But never fear… we have the answer…

BAKING! It is such an awesome activity and kids love to get messy and creative, so why not let them give these easy peasy bakes a go.


Individual cakes that can be shared with friends and families. Cupcakes are a great choice if you’ve got more than one kiddo to keep busy. Our cupcake recipes are extremely tasty and we have an enormous range of different designs to try, we would recommend setting up a cake decorating station and letting their imaginations run wild! Renshaw Frostings are great too if you’re short for time, we have a vanilla and chocolate flavour.

If you fancy making something easy our Burger cupcakes are great, it’s like creating your own burger but made from cake!

Our Strawberry Dream cupcakes are just that, dreamy! Add ProGels to the piping bag to create the two-tone swirl effect.

Rainbow cupcakes are great for getting creative, why not mix up the colours and make up your own ‘Colour of the Rainbow’ song too!



Of any shape and size, are sure to be a winner! Whether it’s a classic vanilla or something more indulgent like chocolate or caramel, biscuits are a great sweet treat to decorate. We have biscuit ideas for every month of the year, click here to see them, but for the Summer holidays, our bright designs are a perfect choice. Why not make a big batch and freeze some for another day when the kids are ‘really really bored…’.

Our Dinosaur biscuits are all about the drama as well as the taste, you could create a whole herd!

These biscuits will take you straight to the beach, have a go at re-creating these Ice Cream biscuits together.

Why not learn a new decorating skill with these Flower biscuits, all you need is Royal Icing, a piping bag and a wet brush.


For the little (and big) Lego fans in your house, Lego Biscuits by Zoe Hopkinson is a great video tutorial to try.



What’s better than a cake to feed the whole family… and more! Simple but extremely delicious cakes that take not a lot of effort, YES PLEASE! These recipes are great for getting kids into baking, it gives them a chance to learn a new skill and maybe find a new hobby, plus they will feel very proud when they produce one of these tasty treats.

A twist on the classic, this Chocolate Battenberg is a great weekend treat. You could always get creative with ProGels and make all 4 squares of cake different colours!

Cherzipan cake is the right combination of sweet cherries and nutty almonds, it’ll become a family favourite.

This Marzipan brownie is delicious, indulgent and oh well.. just simply delicious!

For something fun and bright that looks amazing with every slice, try this video tutorial for Funfetti cake by Liz Marek.


If you want to sneak a bit of fruit into your bakes then try these Perfect Flapjacks by Elizabeth Harris.


If you bake with the kids during the summer holidays, why not send us a photo! We would love to see your school holiday bakes.

Happy Baking!