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Summer Ice Cream Biscuits

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6 to 12

Baking ingredients

  • 125 g butter or margarine
  • 55 g caster sugar
  • 180 g plain flour – sieved

Decorating ingredients

  • 250 g Teddy Bear Brown Ready to Roll Icing (To make the ice cream biscuits)
  • 250 g White Chocolate Ready to Roll Icing (To make the ice cream biscuits)
  • Apricot jam - warmed (To make the ice cream biscuits)


Baking Instructions:

Step 1

Knead the dough lightly and roll out to the desired thickness. Using holiday shaped cutters, cut out various shapes (demonstrated with the ice cream shape).

Step 2

Remove from the oven and leave to cool on a cooling rack for 30 minutes.

To decorate the ice cream biscuits:

Step 3

Brush the front of the biscuit with apricot jam.

Step 4

Knead the white chocolate icing and roll out on a surface lightly dusted with icing sugar. Use your ice cream shaped cutter to cut out the ice cream part for the top of the biscuits and place it on top of the jam.

Step 5

Repeat with the teddy bear brown icing, but cut the cone shape instead, then place this onto the biscuit, matching it up with the top.

Step 6

Using a scribe tool, make small marks in the ice cream swirl section of the biscuit and a cross pattern in the cone, this makes it look more 3 dimensional.

Step 7

Create a full set of holiday themed biscuits with different shaped cutters and colours of Ready to Roll Icing. You could try a bikini, swimming trunks, sailing boats and a hot air balloon.