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Succulent Cake Jar

We’ve teamed up with Kilner to bring you this Succulent Cake Jar tutorial using the Kilner 0.5L Clip Top Jar.

We’ve used edible moss in this tutorial, you can find the instructions for this here.

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Decorating ingredients

  • Kilner 0.5L Clip Top Jar
  • Renshaw Chocolate Frosting
  • Renshaw Ready to Roll Icing in Pastel Green, Lincoln Green and Emerald Green
  • Rainbow Dust Powder Colours - various
  • Chocolate muffins or sponge cake
  • Bourbon Biscuits
  • Renshaw Royal Icing


Step 1

Crumble chocolate muffins or cake into a bowl (we used 3 small muffins), scoop 2-3 tbs Renshaw Chocolate Frosting in then mix together to a soft cake-pop consistency.

Step 2

In a separate bowl, crush Bourbon or other biscuits into a fine crumb.

Step 3

Create layers of sponge and biscuit crumb in your Kilner 0.5L Jar, pressing down slightly after each, and build up to about 2/3 of the jar.

Step 4

Knead each colour of Renshaw Ready to Roll Icing separately on a clean, dry surface until smooth and pliable.

Step 5

Roll 12 small balls of Lincoln Green Icing. Flatten one of these out into a circle wide enough to hold your leaves. Shape the other 11 balls into teardrop shapes and flatten slightly. Start to layer these around the green circle, attaching with cooled boiled water until you get the desired succulent look and shape. You can use Rainbow Dust Powder Colours to dust the edges and centre of the succulent.

Step 6

Roll 15 balls of Pastel Green Icing. Flatten one into a large circle. Roll the other 14 balls into cone shapes, slightly thinner at one end. Start to build these up around the green circle, using cooled, boiled water to stick the thinner end of the cone to the circle. If you want to add extra colour and depth you can dust this with Rainbow Dust Powder Colours.

Step 7

Roll some Emerald Green Icing into a sausage shape, and cut one end flat with a knife. Pipe small dots of Renshaw Royal Icing in lines from the top to the bottom, like cactus spikes. You can dust some dark green edible powder between these lines to create depth. Use a flower plunger cutter and some yellow icing to add a flower to the top.

Step 8

Keep checking the size of the succulents against the size of the jar so that they fit.

Step 9

Gently arrange the icing succulents onto the top of the sponge and biscuit crumb in the jar.

Step 10

If you'd like to use edible moss as decoration, you'll find a link to this recipe at the top of the page.