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Neon Sleeping Dinosaur Cupcake

Our Neon Ready-to-Roll Icing Multipacks have been refreshed for 2020, with brand new packaging and a brand new colour included in the pack (black).

To celebrate, we’ve got a recipe for this adorable sleeping dinosaur cupcake, which uses all the Neon colours, as well as our lush Vanilla Frosting. It’s a real treat for your eyes and your mouth.



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Baking ingredients

  • Cupcake(s)

Decorating ingredients


Prepare your equipment:

Step 1

You will need; Cooled boiled water, fine brush, spoon, rolling pin, icing sugar, knife, circle cutter, cocktail stick. NOTE: All decorations are attached to the cupcake with water.

Making the background:

Step 2

Mix the Vanilla Frosting with a spoon. Mask the top of the cupcake with a thin layer of Vanilla Frosting using the back of the spoon.

Step 3

On a clean dry surface knead Yellow Icing until pliable. Dust the work surface with icing sugar and pin out the Yellow Icing to 2-3 mm thick.

Step 4

Cut 1 large circle and use to cover the cupcake.

Making the dinosaur:

Step 5

For the neck and tail, shape 20g Yellow Icing into a tapered sausage. Cut in ½, in the middle, at an angle. Attach to the outer edge of the cupcake.

Step 6

For the head, shape 10g Yellow Icing into an egg shape. The thin end is the top of the head and wider end is bottom.

Step 7

Press with the side of your little finger for the eye area ⅓ from the top of the head.

Step 8

Mark 2 eye sockets with the end of the paint brush.

Step 9

Mark in the mouth with the cocktail stick. Press in dimples either end of the mouth with the end of the paint brush. Attach to the neck.

Step 10

For the eyes shape 2 small balls of Yellow Icing and attach to the eye sockets. Mark a line across the centre of the eyes to give the impression they are closed.

Step 11

Create eyelashes by shaping a tiny amount of Black Icing into a thin sausage, cut in ½. Use the cocktail stick to help put them in place on the line marked in earlier.

Step 12

Shape small amounts of Turquoise Icing into balls and attach to the body and head.

Step 13

For the nose, shape 2 small balls and attach to either side of the face. Press in with the end of the paint brush.