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Neon Pink Dinosaur Cupcake

Our Neon Ready-to-Roll Icing Multipacks have been refreshed for 2020, with brand new packaging and a brand new colour included in the pack (black).

To celebrate, we’ve got a recipe for this bright pink dinosaur cupcake, which uses all the Neon colours, as well as our lush Vanilla Frosting. With its striking colour palette, you won’t be forgetting this one in a hurry!

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Baking ingredients

  • Cupcake(s)

Decorating ingredients


Prepare your equipment:

Step 1

You will need; Cooled boiled water, fine brush, spoon, rolling pin, icing sugar, knife, circle cutter, cocktail stick and a straw shaped into a smile at one end. NOTE: All decorations are attached to the cupcake with water.

Making the sun and sky background:

Step 2

Mix the Vanilla Frosting with a spoon. Mask the top of the cupcake with a thin layer of Vanilla Frosting using the back of the spoon.

Step 3

On a clean dry surface knead Turquoise Icing until pliable. Dust the work surface with icing sugar and pin out the Turquoise Icing to 2-3 mm thick.

Step 4

Cut 1 large circle and use to cover the cupcake.

Step 5

To create the sun, knead a medium ball Yellow Icing until pliable. Press down with the palm of your hand and use the cutter to trim the edge. Shape small pieces of Yellow Icing into sausages and attach these and the sun to the cupcake.

Making the dinosaur:

Step 6

For the dinosaur, shape a small ball of Fuchsia Icing into cone and flatten, attach to the cupcake.

Step 7

To create the head, shape a large ball of Fuchsia Icing into a cone and flatten slightly between the palm of your hands.

Step 8

Mark in the mouth with the back of the knife and press in a dimple at the end of the smile with the end of the paintbrush. Create 2 nostrils with the end of the paint brush.

Step 9

Press an indentation with your finger for the eye area and press in the middle with the end of the paint brush for the eye socket. Add markings around the eye with the cocktail stick.

Step 10

Use the straw and end of the paintbrush to add texture.

Step 11

For the eye shape a small piece of Turquoise Icing into a cone and place in the eye socket. Make a tiny Jet Black ball for the pupil and a thin sausage for eye lashes.

Step 12

Make the head crest, by shaping a small ball of Orange Icing into a tapered sausage and flatten between the palm of your hands. Attach to the head.