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Game, Set & CAKE

Wednesday 30th June 2021

It’s that time of year again, time to get out the Champagne, Strawberries and Cake (of course).

This year more than ever is the perfect year to celebrate anything and everything possible. So, this one is for the real tennis lovers, the lovers of the Wimbledon spirit, and the non-tennis lovers that will do anything for a celebration after the long year we have had.

Personally, we’d love to celebrate every day with bubbly and cake – name a better duo…

Whether you are supporting your favourite player or just getting into the fun spirit of Wimbledon, we have you covered with the bakes. Here are some delicious bakes that will get you into the swing of Wimbledon.

Passion Fruit and Peach Cupcakes

The perfect match – these flavours together sing summer. Summer is full of fun and what better than a cake full of jam? These will definitely brighten up the rainy, summer days in England. For the perfect finishing touch, add your passion fruit flavour and yellow colour to our Personalise Me Frosting. 

Recipe: Passion Fruit and Peach Cupcakes – Renshaw Baking

Lemon Drizzle

You just can’t go wrong with a lemon drizzle. A fresh, sharp sponge with sweet icing – stunning. Depending on the lemon flavour you want you could simply add lemon zest to the cake mixture before baking, or for a more intense flavour you could also sink a sugary lemon juice mixture directly into your cooked sponge by piercing with a skewer and letting the juice soak into the cake before drizzling over the citrus icing. For the finishing touch, why not sprinkle grated lemon zest over the drizzled icing to add colour and texture.

Recipe: Lemon Drizzle Cake Recipe – Renshaw Baking

Blueberry, Lemon and Almond Slice

Want to feel like you’re at Wimbledon? Just imagine you’re snacking on one of these fruity cake bars while watching the action on Centre Court. These are perfect for a burst of flavour in one mouthful.

Recipe: Blueberry, Lemon and Almond Slices – Renshaw Baking

Tennis Ball Cake

We’ll be enjoying Wimbledon and a summer of tennis with this tennis ball cake – perfect as a centre piece for your tennis themed party – everyone in their tennis wear (what a vision). A classic Princess Gateau recipe covered with Renshaw Original White Marzipan and coloured with our Bright Green ProGel. You could also use our Ready to Roll Sugar Paste, if you were wanting to creating a classic sponge cake.

Recipe: Tennis Ball Cake – Renshaw Baking

Tennis Ball Pop Cakes

ACE for everyone – these are excellent for getting all ages involved in the Wimbledon atmosphere. Great way to bring some sparkle into your summer of tennis with our Rainbow Dust Glitter collection.

Recipe: Tennis Ball Cake Pops Recipe – Renshaw Baking

We Brits know that the English weather can really play us this time of year so whether you’re celebrating with a BBQ in the rain (fingers crossed for sun), in the pub or at home with friends and family, don’t forget your bakes. Remember to tag us in the bakes you serve (we couldn’t help it) if you use any of the recipes or products we have featured. 

Don’t forget to check out all of our social pages for recipes, tutorials, and bakes from our loyal followers: @renshawbaking@rainbow_dust_colours, and @renshawacademy.  

And for now, game, set and bake!