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Brilliant Bakes For Biscuit Week

Tuesday 5th September 2017

Whether you’re a midnight muncher or a daily dunker, we all love a good biscuit. It could be a Scottish butter shortbread, an Italian biscotti or a classic chocolate digestive, the list goes on and on. (Seriously, Google it!)

And with our world now engulfed in everything ‘Bake Off’, it’s hard to think of anything else but food! Time to bring out the eating pants…

But these daily sweet treats can become oh so boring, so why not make your own! Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Gingerbread Fairy Doors with Royal Icing

These intricately decorated gingerbread biscuits are enchantingly delicious. You could create your own version based on the occasion, using different colours or shapes, just cut your biscuit and get piping! This recipe is for the two fairy doors in the middle of this photo but we also have a recipe for the wood effect doors with fondant icing on our website!

Sweet Ambs Cookies

This video is easy to follow and gives you 4 great designs to choose from. The flooding technique is super easy but make sure you have a scribe tool, they are the key! If you want to blend you must work quick or let them dry overnight to create clean lines. This talented lady has a YouTube channel so check out all her other designs, you’re guaranteed to find something in your skill level.

Union Jack Biscuits

Get into the ‘Great British’ spirit with these oh so patriotic Union Jack biscuits. The vibrant Renshaw colours will make these little flags pop on any ‘Bake Off’ table. Our recipe takes you from start to finish, but if you don’t fancy cutting your biscuits once baked, use a cookie cutter to guarantee a perfect rectangle shape.

Chalkboard Biscuits

These simple yet effective biscuits could be adapted to ANY occasion. Place names at a wedding, personalised stocking fillers or lunch box treats for your little ones first day back. Using ready to roll icing ensures your decoration is the same shape as your cookie, as you can use the same cookie cutter (genius!). Be careful not to get any jam on the top side of the icing- we think it’s best to put the jam on all the biscuits then you can add the icing.

Marzipan Owl Biscuits

Marzipan is no longer an ingredient that appears just at Christmas! This super tasty confection is a great addition to biscuits to add another flavour, and like icing it can be coloured and shaped into designs. These pretty owls could be decorated using whatever colours you please, and could sit at a birthday buffet or a wedding dessert table.

Showstopper Cookies


If you’re just looking for some visual inspiration, here’s a few photos from Melle Blush, who makes the most awesome biscuits! You can recreate these at home, and don’t worry if you haven’t got a huge variety of cookie cutters, go free style, create your own or use everyday objects like a drinks glass.


We hope you’re enjoying The Great British Bake Off as much as we are. We’re celebrating with our own Great Renshaw Bake Off where you can take part in some fun competitions, find out more here.

Until next time, happy baking!