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Christmas Cakesicles by Melle Blush

These are the perfect festive treat, ideal for the creative baker, they can be decorated however you like!??

If you want to make the glitter flakes, you will find a tutorial on the Facebook page of Melle Blush.

Merry Christmas from Melle Blush. ❄️

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Decorating ingredients

  • 2 x 400 g Renshaw Frosting Vanilla or Chocolate
  • Renshaw Belgian White Chocolate Modelling Paste
  • Renshaw Belgian Milk Chocolate Modelling Paste
  • A Selection of Rainbow Dust ProGels
  • Rainbow Dust Pale Terracotta Powder Colour
  • Rainbow Dust Dusky Pink Powder Colour
  • Rainbow Dust Red Metallic Paint
  • Rainbow Dust Dark Gold Metallic Paint
  • Rainbow Dust Pearlescent Baby Pink Metallic Paint
  • Rainbow Dust Pearlescent Spring Green Metallic Paint
  • Rainbow Dust Metallic Ginger Glow Lustre
  • Rainbow Dust Twinkle Dust Snow White
  • Rainbow Dust Edible Shapes Confetti Gold Stars
  • A Selection of Rainbow Dust Edible Glitters
  • 800 g Cake Crumbs
  • Your Choice of Cakesicle Coating


Assembling the Cakesicles:

Step 1

Mix your cake crumbs with your chosen flavour of Renshaw Frosting.

Step 2

Divide the mixture evenly into your cakesicle mould and place a clean lolly ice stick into the bottom of each.

Step 3

Leave in the freezer for at least 2 hours.

Step 4

Choose the coating of your choice then coat your cakesicles and leave to set.

Decorating your Cakesicles:

Step 5

Add a selection of Rainbow Dust ProGel Colours to Renshaw Belgian White Chocolate Modelling Paste. You can also add in some Belgian Milk Chocolate Modelling Paste to create a mottled effect (see front door cakesicles). Leave some of our White Chocolate Paste plain for the stag decorations.

Step 6

Choose a selection of festive moulds for your paste, and dust with a little corn starch before use to help remove the icing. Melle Blush has used a selection of wreaths, doors, stags, angels, Christmas trees and lights.

Step 7

Once you have your decorations in each colour, use Rainbow Dust Metallic Paints to add details.

Step 8

For Santa’s face and hats, Renshaw White Modelling Paste was used in moulds. Dust the face with Rainbow Dust Pale Terracotta Powder Colours, and dust the cheeks and mouth with Dusky Pink Powder Colour.

Step 9

Use a small amount of blue paste for his eyes, then add in the eyebrows and pupils with Rainbow Dust Food Art Pens in Chocolate and Black. Add highlights to the eyes with a small amount of Rainbow Paint in White.

Step 10

Paint Santa’s hat and the smaller hats with Rainbow Dust Metallic Red Paint.

Step 11

Apply Rainbow Dust Snow White Twinkle Dust with a brush directly on to your dried cakesicle coating before applying your decorations, you will obtain a shiny pearlescent effect.

Step 12

For the reindeer cakesicles, the eyes have been dusted with Rainbow Dust Lustre in Metallic Ginger Glow, and pupils drawn on with the Black Food Art Pen. Roll a ball of red coloured Belgian Chocolate Modelling Pate for the nose. Attach the nose, hat and eye to the cakesicle with a little cooled, boiled water or Rainbow Dust Edible Glue. Add a highlight to the nose with White Rainbow Paint.

Step 13

Rainbow Dust Edible Shapes like confetti gold stars are perfect for adding a special Christmas touch to your designs.

Video Tutorial