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Valentine’s Bakes for Lockdown Lovin’

Thursday 11th February 2021

For reasons that you’re already aware of and that we don’t feel like dwelling on, this is going to be a very different Valentine’s Day to what we’re all used to.

Some think it’s cute, some thing it’s corny. Regardless of where you stand (we’re team cute!), February 14th is traditionally full of lavish displays of affection for our significant others. Many of us can’t celebrate the way we traditionally would this year, but here at Renshaw we’re choosing to see that as an opportunity to pour our hearts into some lavish, loving bakes, and we’re excited to present you with what we’ve made.

We also put out the call on social media to you, our wonderful baking community, to send us your top Valentine’s bakes! Congrats to our two featured home bakers – let’s get into it:

Hot Chocolate Bombs

Towards the tail end of 2020, the hot chocolate bombs trend swept across the web. The concept is simple – drop a ball of chocolate into hot milk and watch it melt mesmerizingly into a creamy hot chocolate, often as additional treats in the centre rise to the surface as an extra topping (We made our own all the way back in April, by the way – just saying, no biggie).

What didn’t occur to us at the time is how much of an adorable Valentine’s treat these can be, and thankfully The Baking Nurse (@thebakingnurse_ on Instagram) has brought it to our attention with these stunning bombs.

Chocolate bombs are totally customisable, and here The Baking Nurse has made some gorgeous geometric heart-shaped ones that fit perfectly with the occasion, along with some more traditional spherical ones. We love them both, and we love how they glisten and shimmer thanks to Rainbow Dust Twinkle Dust too!

We can totally imagine filling the inside with mini treats perfect for our other halves as a little extra bonus.


If you’re looking for a showstopper, then look no further than this stunner from Renshaw’s very own Emma Chamberlain. This one’s just a bit pretty isn’t it?

This stunning Mini Strawberry Cake is rich in layers and detail, so we’re gonna recommend this one to those of you with a little more cake decorating experience.

For those of you who give it a go, we have it on good authority that this cake deepens feelings of love and affection in whoever receives it. Plus, with generous helpings of our brand new Belgian Chocolate Ganache and Personalise Me! Plain Icing, it tastes pretty damn good too!

Check out the full step-by-step tutorial here: https://www.renshawbaking.com/gb/recipes/mini-strawberry-cake-for-two/

Love Bug Biscuits

We love a bit of glitz and glam, but there’s also something to be said for a bake that just makes you say “Awwwwwwwwwwww!” – and that’s exactly what we’ve got from Emma Bish (@emmabishy1 on Instagram). If you haven’t yet caught the love bug, you will after you’ve seen this…

These are an instant addition to the niche but elite category of bakes that are Too Cute To Eat. The simple but delicate details on each biscuit are clearly a labour of love, and if this is how warm and fuzzy we feel just by looking at the photo then we can only imagine how it would feel to have them baked for us.

Oh, and that gorgeous shade of red? That’s our Ready to Roll Icing, FYI.


Another brand new one from Renshaw HQ, this time from the wonderful Francezka Bell. Sometimes your love is too big to be represented in cupcake or cookie form, and just has to spill over into something bigger – in this case, this colourful traybake.

This bake is a vibrant explosion of colours, with enough servings to satisfy MULTIPLE lovers (if that’s your thing?).

The deep reds, pinks and purples were made with a variety of Rainbow Dust ProGels in combination with our Personalise Me! Plain Icing, and the central plaque was made with Flower and Modelling Paste.

Check out the full step-by-step tutorial here: https://www.renshawbaking.com/gb/recipes/valentines-traybake/

Rose Gold Heart Cake

If you’ll allow us to be a little cheesy for a second, we’d like to wrap up this blog by reminding you that most important love in the world is the love you have for yourself.

Even if you’re riding solo this Valentine’s Day it’s important, nay, ESSENTIAL, to dedicate some time to self-care because life is hard and you’re doing amazing at it, sweetie.

And on the off-chance that self-care looks like making an entire heart-shaped cake for yourself, here’s a recipe for you.

This Rose Gold Heart Cake, which we created to launch our gorgeous Rainbow Dust Rose Gold Lustre, is another one that requires a little more of an experienced hand. It’s worth it, though, for this gorgeous monument to self-love!

That’s all, folks! We hope you’re feeling all loved up like we are right now. Once again, thank you to our amazing guest bakers. The Baking Nurse and Emma Bish for submitting their awesome bakes for inclusion in this blog. Make sure to check them out on Instagram.

We hope you have a wonderful (and responsible) Valentine’s Day, however you’re celebrating. If you get up to any baking, let us know on social at @renshawbaking.

As always, stay safe, and happy baking!