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Top 5 Home Bakes for Mothers Day ?

Thursday 11th March 2021

With cafes, bars, and restaurants closed – all the usual Mother’s Day celebrations are off the cards. And in true 2020/21 style, a virtual knees-up will have to do!

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with all manner for all skill levels. We’ve even got a couple of recipes suitable for posting to our lovely mums that we can’t visit at the moment.

No Spread Vegan Cookies by Rob Baker-Gall

Now, you might be thinking we’ve slipped this one in by mistake – but hear us out. These simple Vegan biscuits can be customised with literally ANYTHING. Choose from our range of RTR Icings and decorate with Rainbow Dust Metallic Paint or Lustre. You could even go freehand with Rainbow Dust’s range of Cake Craft Pens if you don’t want to use stencils. A great way of sending Mum that personalised treat via the post if Covid is keeping you at bay. Check out the recipe here.

Mother’s Day Cake Board

If you’ve got your bake all planned out but want to add that finishing touch, have a go at this simple yet effective cake board by our very own Francezka Bell. Easily customised with your Mum’s favourite colours. Find the instructions here. 

Flower Pot Cake by Rob Baker-Gall

This illusion cake may look like a challenge, but have no fear! We’ve got step by step images to guide you all the way. A great bake for those mum’s with a passion for all things floral or gardening. You could even customise the plant pot with your mum’s favourite colour from our Sugarpaste range. View the full recipe details here.

Sugarpaste Flowers

Choose from 3 types of flower to craft to top a tiered cake, sandwich cake, or even scaled down to fit cupcakes. Our pre coloured Flower and Modelling Pastes saves you time AND money. Shock your family by reaching to eat these instead of putting them in water! ? Full instructions available here.

Dipped Sprinkle Biscuits

Here’s one for the kids to get up to behind mum’s back! (with another adults supervision of course). All you need is 1 tub of Renshaw Royal Icing and a selection of your favourite Rainbow Dust Progels to decorate a simple shortbread biscuit. If you wanted to be REALLY cheeky, you could even buy the biscuits pre-made and just decorate them! We won’t tell anyone if you don’t ? Check out decoration tips here.

That’s all, folks! If none of the 5 bakes we’ve highlighted take your fancy, we’ve got a whole host of other recipes that could be customised to fit what your mum loves best here Don’t forget to check out all of our social pages for recipes, tutorials, and bakes from our loyal followers: @renshawbaking, @rainbow_dust_colours, and @renshawacademy. 

Happy Baking! x