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The Perfect Match: Renshaw Flower & Modelling Paste and Rainbow Dust Cake Craft Pens

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Renshaw Flower & Modelling Paste provides the perfect canvas for Rainbow Dust Cake Craft Pens. The firm setting paste makes it easy to confidently draw and colour in your own designs.

Roll Flower & Modelling Paste thinly to easily trace over designs with your Cake Craft Pens, or freehand draw your own ideas and doodles for a fun activity that all the family can get involved in.

Doodle Cake Tutorial

This Doodle Cake video tutorial was created by our Renshaw Academy Ambassador, Rob Baker-Gall aka Mr Baker’s Cakes. Rob demonstrates the best techniques for using Cake Craft Pens with Flower & Modelling Paste, and shares brilliant ideas for getting family and friends involved in the design.

Rainbow Cake Tutorial

Francezka Bell’s pretty Rainbow Cake tutorial demonstrates how you can make your Cake Craft Pen designs stand out, and explains how to create a watercolour effect with the Pens and Flower & Modelling Paste.

Top Tip: Let your paste set before drawing

Leave your Flower & Modelling Paste shapes for a minimum of 30 minutes to skin over before writing or drawing with the Cake Craft Pens, although you will need longer if working in a humid environment. If your paste is still slightly flexible, draw on lightly so you don’t press through the top. While your paste is still flexible you can shape this around your cake. For firm cake toppers, leave your paste to set for 24 hours, turning halfway through.

Fall for Flower & Modelling Paste

This is a firmer paste which needs to be kneaded before use until smooth and pliable. Cut your paste into smaller chunks to make kneading easier. Keep any paste you’re not using wrapped up to prevent drying out.

Flower & Modelling Paste can be rolled thinly, using a rolling pin or pasta roller, which makes it great for tracing over designs with Cake Craft Pens. Leave decorations and models to set for 24hrs for ease of handling. Add gel colours or dusts to your Flower & Modelling paste to create cake toppers, decorations and delicate flowers.

Fall for Cake Craft Pens

Double-ended Cake Craft Pens allow you to work on different scales. The thin end is great for outlines, intricate work and adding character to models, while the thicker end is great for adding bold colour and patterns.

Brush clear alcohol or rejuvenator spirit over the pens to create a watercolour effect. Sometimes small sugar particles may dry up the nib, simply dip into warm water to clear.

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