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Renshaw Academy Ambassadors

Introducing our fantastic Renshaw Academy Ambassador team! Our Ambassadors have been selected for their specialist skills, eye for detail, individual styles and excellent teaching abilities. We’re looking forward to sharing the work of our Ambassadors with you so that you can learn and be inspired to create your own cakes and edible art.

Working with our Renshaw Academy Ambassadors, we’ll bring you the best tips and techniques in cake decorating for all skill levels, and inspire you with ways of using Renshaw and Rainbow Dust products for your own creations.

We’ll keep you up-to-date with the latest works by our Ambassadors, and opportunities for you to learn from them either online or in person, through our Academy web pages, our social media channels, and the Renshaw Baking newsletter.

Alchemists of Cakes (Eleni & John)

Eleni Moustoula and John Alevriadis are the creative team behind Alchemists of Cakes. Their lifesize cakes always have a big impact at shows and on social, and their rotating cake designs are always fun classes to join. Eleni teaches a range of Cake Seminars in Athens, Greece.

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Click here to see the fantastic work of Alchemists of Cakes.

Alegra-Isabel Raising

Cake It Up Tortendesign

Alegra’s Cake It Up Tortendesign celebration cake designs are fun and bright, and you’ll find plenty of inspiration, videos and tips on her social media pages. She creates delicious recipes on her blog, in addition to her fantastic cake decoration skills which she also teaches and demonstrates – so be sure to catch a class with her!

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Click here to see Alegra’s impressive cakes.

Berna Garcia

Ilusiona Cakes

Berna Garcia is a graphic designer by profession, and this shows in her cakes! Her incredible painting skills bring her cake designs to life, and her modelled figures are full of character. Berna has won several cake decorating competitions, and also judges at International shows. Look out for Berna’s International classes too, you’ll learn some amazing new skills.

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Click here to marvel at Berna’s cake designs.

Evita Loves Cakes

Evita’s journey with Renshaw and Rainbow Dust started when she won a competition to represent our products in Greece, and since then she’s been inspiring and educating people with her cake decoration skills. Her adorable cake designs are full of colour and character, and are a big hit with our online cake community.

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Click here to see some of Evita’s fun cake designs.

Jacqui Kelly

Jacqui Kelly Edible Art

Jacqui is a multi-award-winning cake artist and pastry chef, who can easily switch between larger than life designs and miniature creations, with incredible attention to detail. Jacqui loves to confuse and delight all the senses, using food as an art medium to get people talking. Jacqui’s demonstrations and classes are always a huge hit because of her entertaining, informative and friendly teaching style.

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Click here to see Jacqui’s impressive range of work.

Lucia Simeone


Lucia’s breathtaking designs draw inspiration from nature and architecture, and she perfectly balances different textures with delicate flower creations. Her classes are highly sought after by those who want to learn the brilliant techniques she uses for her own cakes.

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Click here to see Lucia’s spectacular cake art.

Marc Suárez

Le Doux Collage

Marc was the winner of the Sculpted Cake Award at the 2019 Cake Masters Awards, and when you see his cakes you’ll understand why, they range from bright campervans to realistic faces and busts. Marc teaches three types of courses in modelling chocolate sculptures, gravity-defying cakes and contemporary wedding cakes, and he is about to launch online courses for Le Doux Collage Academy.

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Click here to be wowed by Marc’s artistic pieces.

Molly Robbins

Molly’s Creative Cakes

Molly’s larger than life cakes have provided huge entertainment for viewers of Channel 4’s Extreme Cake Makers, and her bright and bold novelty cake designs have inspired cake artists, hobby cakers and families around the world. Her ingenious Creature Creator moulds can be used to design a limitless amount of cakes with minimal fuss and maximum fun.

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Click here to see Molly’s cute and colourful cakes.

Nathasja Flapper

Flappergasted Cakes

Nathasja’s sculpted and realistic cakes demonstrate her excellent use of colour and texture to bring her creations to life, and she expertly guides her class students at Next Level Cakes through the tips and techniques they need to recreate her designs. Nathasja has won multiple first prize and gold awards in competitions, and has been shortlisted for Cake Masters’ Sculpted Cake Award.

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Click here to see Nathasja’s impressively realistic cakes.

Nicholas Lodge

Chef Nicholas Lodge was involved with the development of the original Renshaw sugarpaste, Regalice, and has continued to teach the Renshaw way to his students around the world. The International Sugar Art Collection School of Sugar Art is Nicholas’ teaching facility, and he also has a line of specialist cake decorating equipment which are perfect for his realistic flower making tutorials.

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Click here to see some of Nicholas’ stunning sugar flowers.

Rob Baker-Gall

Mr Baker’s Cakes

A primary school teacher by day, Rob Baker-Gall is the cake artist, baker, writer and YouTube creator behind Mr Baker’s Cakes, where he shares his free weekly online magazine, and regular video tutorials. Since arriving on the cake scene around six years ago, Rob has become well known for his fun-packed sculpted cakes, winning several awards at Cake International.

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Click here to see a collection of Rob’s creative pieces.

Sabine Guilhem

Melle Blush

Sabine adds a touch of glamour to all of her cakes and edible creations. She has perfected the sparkling sugar sheet technique and her signature piece is her customisable high heel sugar shoes. Her experimentation with products leads to stunning and unique cake designs.

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Click here to see Sabine’s sparkling and shimmering designs.


Keep an eye on our Renshaw Academy pages for regular Ambassador updates, new tutorials and inspiration.