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5 Spooky Halloween Bakes

Thursday 20th October 2016

It’s almost that time of the year when everyone dresses up, little ones go out for ‘Trick or Treat’ and scary bakes become the most popular! You already guessed, it’s Halloween – time to unwrap the black, green, orange, white and purple fondant icing to celebrate the occasion all small children (and adults, too) wait for all year long. We have thought about a few bakes that will set the spooky mood before the big scary day.

Wicked Breadsticks

Aren’t these just the best ‘Trick or Treat’ idea? You’ll see uncountable smiles when you present these at the table. Decorate them as you please by adding colourful sprinkles and cute witch’s hats, pumpkins and ghost toppers – the choice is endless and our step-by-step will inspire you along the way. Little ones are going to make these disappear way too quickly!

Horrifying Haunted House

With this cake you are sure to impress. Take a look at our step-by-step recipe to create the roof of this haunted house for best results – we’re leaving the rest to you to give it the perfect personal touch. And why not use this guide for decorating other modelled cakes you can bake throughout the year! A birthday party, a Christmas themed house or any storybook themed bake…let us know what you come up with.

Classic Pumpkin Cupcakes

How can you celebrate Halloween without pumpkins? These tasty cupcakes are simply a must on 31
st October. These amazing snacks are easily baked and decorated with your children and grandchildren, and will give them the little boost of energy needed for their Trick or Treating. Cover your cupcakes with chocolate frosting, top with our Tiger Orange Icing and don’t forget the Chocolate Flavoured Icing to make the stork!

Creepy Cobweb Cake

Spiders aren’t really the best part of Halloween, but why not change that with this lovely cake? Using our Dahlia Black Flower & Modelling Paste you can create impressive looking spiders to give your friends and family a little fright! This cake would be great for those having a big Halloween party – there’s plenty to go around!

Freaky Frankenstein’s Monster Biscuits

One of the most iconic characters of all time and a Halloween dress-up favourite, create your own mini Frankenstein’s Monster biscuits with green fondant icing and some chocolate for dipping. Not only do these look fantastic but they taste scarily good too.

You can find more Halloween inspiration on our
recipe pages. Have a Happy Halloween and don’t forget to share your bakes with us over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.