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Rose Gold Cake Inspiration

Friday 24th May 2019

Rose gold is considered by many to be the most romantic and beautiful metal in the world due to its pinkish-red colour and dreamy hues. Did you know that you can easily create your own blend of rose gold lustre with the Rainbow Dust Edible Silk range? Let us show you how to achieve the most desired finish of the moment.

All you need is two Rainbow Dust products: Iridescent Gold Fusion Edible Silk and Metallic Moroccan Velvet Edible Silk. (By the way, Edible Silk will soon be changing name to Lustre, so keep an eye out for it!)

Iridescent Gold Fusion Edible Silk is like no other in the range and is easy to overlook. In the pot, it looks like neutral coloured dust, but once applied to a cake or other creation, it adds a 2-dimensional gold tone to lift any finished piece. Emma Jayne Cake Design used the Iridescent Gold Fusion Edible Silk for the finishing touches on her Unicorn bust.

The base for our rose gold powder blend uses this gold iridescent powder for its light reflective properties and beautiful gold sheen. This is then mixed with Metallic Moroccan Velvet Edible Silk to add the warm rose tones. Together they work in synergy to create the perfect rose gold lustre powder.

How to make Rose Gold lustre

To create the rose gold lustre colour on this cake, you can use Rainbow Dust Edible Silk products. Mix 3 parts Rainbow Dust Iridescent Gold Fusion to 1 part Metallic Moroccan Velvet. Put both powders in a pot with a lid and shake until combined. Allow the dust to settle before opening.

You can also achieve a rose gold lustre with other Rainbow Dust colours you may already have in your cake kits! Visit the Rainbow Dust rose gold tutorial to find other hints and tips on creating this trendy colour.

How to recreate this Rose Gold cake

This rose gold cake was inspired by the work of Nauty Little Treats, who has created a number of beautiful rose gold cakes.


Painting with Edible Silk is an easy and stress-free way of applying the lustre to a cake. The colour of the lustre will intensify slightly with this method. The icing on this cake has been painted with this method.

  1. Place a teaspoon of Rose Gold lustre into a dish and mix with clear alcohol to a painting consistency.
  2. Use an applicator sponge to paint the surface of the cake. Paint around the cake in bands until all the cake is covered. Apply a second layer.


Dry Dusting

When using any of the Rainbow Dust range, bear in mind that the icing base you are lustring will influence the overall finish. Icing with a higher level of fat will help the lustre cling to the surface and the better the effect will be. For this reason, we recommend using Renshaw Belgian Chocolate Modelling Paste.

Belgian White Chocolate Modelling Paste has been rolled out and dry dusted with the rose gold mix for the fan decoration on the top of this cake.

Cocoa Butter Painting

The heart topper for this cake was made with Belgian White Chocolate Modelling Paste then painted with Rainbow Dust Powder Colours. These were also used to paint flowers onto the decorative macarons.

  1. Pour 1 inch of boiled water into a bowl. Set a paint palette over the bowl.
  2. Place a small amount of cocoa butter in each of the reserves, depending on how many Powder Colours you plan to use. Allow to melt. For this cake, Claret, Rose and Snow Drift were used.
  3. Mix in Claret, Rose and Snow Drift Powder Colours in each of the reserves and mix with a cocktail stick until combined.
  4. Use a No. 4 flat paintbrush to paint a circle using Rose cocoa butter to form the base colour of the rose.
  5. Paint a dot of Claret cocoa butter in the centre, then add a dot of Snow Drift cocoa butter and swirl around in a spiral for the centre.
  6. For petals, paint “C” shapes in Claret cocoa butter around the centre to fill the circle. Next, use Snow Drift cocoa butter and your rose gold mix to add highlights to the petals. Blend the colours together and the cocoa butter starts to set to create a soft effect.

Top tip: Snow Drift can be added to coloured cocoa butter to lighten the colour and make it opaque.

Royal Icing Drip Effect

Renshaw Royal Icing was used to create the drip effect on this cake, by watering it down gradually. To create the white chocolate colour on this drip pattern, add Rainbow Dust Cream ProGel to your Royal Icing. Using Royal Icing will achieve a superior drip effect than if you used melted chocolate instead.

The perfect Rose Gold base colour

Changing the colour of the icing base you are adding rose gold lustre to can have an impact on the tone of the finished colour.

Experimenting a little with this before completing a cake project can be fun and time-saving in the long run. Cut out icing discs and allow them to set before dusting and write the name of the lustre on the back with a Rainbow Dust Cake Craft Pen. Space permitting you can save these for future reference.

In order to make the most of the rose gold lustre and bring out the best in its beautiful hues, it needs the perfect base colour. Dusky pink is the perfect colour to compliment rose gold. Paired together, the tones are enriched and therefore, the rose gold properties are enhanced. Follow the basic steps below to achieve the perfect pairing to your rose gold lustre.

How to make dusky pink sugarpaste colour

You will need:

To mix the dusky pink sugarpaste base colour, colour 20g Extra Icing with Claret ProGel. Colour 5g Extra with Peach ProGel. Both colours should be full strength colour as shown in the picture below. On a clean, dry surface knead these into the rest of the 1kg Extra block along with 100g Renshaw Belgian Milk Chocolate Modelling Paste.

Allow the icing to rest, this will allow the colour to develop and the icing to relax before use.

Top tip: to check the colour is consistent, cut the icing through the middle, if you can see a ring effect then the icing requires more kneading.

Rose gold inspiration

You can find out how to create different rose gold shades used in the cake and cupcakes below over on the Rainbow Dust rose gold tutorial.

We hope we’ve inspired you to use rose gold lustre in your next cake decorating project. We’d love to see what you make, so feel free to share with us on social media at Renshaw Baking, or with Rainbow Dust Colours.