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Sicilian Biscuits

These tasty Sicilian biscuits provide a perfect combo of sweet honey and the zest of the lemon, not to forget our delicious Renshaw Macaroona or Renmac.

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Baking ingredients

  • 1.82 kg Renshaw Macaroona or Renmac
  • 55 g Egg Albumen
  • 55 g Honey
  • 15 g Zest of Orange
  • 445 g Sultanas
  • 55 g Scone Flour*
  • 500 g Flour (Scone Flour)
  • 30 g Baking Powder

Decorating ingredients


Making the Scone Flour:

Step 1

Sieve together the flour and the baking powder six times.

Making the Sicilians (Makes Approx. 50 Biscuits):

Step 2

Beat up the Renshaw Macaroona/Renmac, egg albumen, honey and orange zest on top speed for three minutes. Then add on slow speed the scone flour and mix for about half a minute. Finally, mix in the sultanas.

Step 3

Pipe out the mixture through a ¾" plain tube in long strips on to silicone paper. Bake on double trays at 170ºC.

Step 4

When baked, release from the silicone paper and cut into pieces.

Step 5

Finish off by spinning or dipping the ends into dark baker’s compound.