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Gorgeous Ganache Truffles

If chocolate is your thing you will love these! These rich, indulgent truffles are super simple to make, and perfect for any occasion.

Top Tips:

  • Try and keep the Ganache as cold as possible as it is easier to work with. Keep popping it back in the freezer if needs be!
  • These also work well with Rainbow Dust Lustres, see the full range here.

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16 people

Baking ingredients

  • Prepare your equipment: Grease proof paper, 3 bowls

Decorating ingredients

  • 400 g Renshaw Belgian Chocolate Ganache
  • 50 g Chopped and roasted Hazelnuts
  • 50 g Cocoa Powder
  • 50 g Chocolate Shards
  • Rainbow Dust Golden Belle Sparkle Dust
  • Rainbow Dust Snow White Sparkle Dust


Making the truffles:

Step 1

Place the Renshaw Belgian Chocolate Ganache in the freezer for 2 hours before starting the truffles.

Step 2

Take a teaspoon of Ganache out of the pot and place onto the greaseproof paper. Repeat this until the pot is empty.

Step 3

Place the nuts, chocolate shards and cocoa powder into three separate bowls.

Step 4

Tip a small amount of Golden Belle Sparkle Dust into the cocoa powder and shake well to combine.

Step 5

Tip a small amount of Snow White Sparkle Dust into the chocolate shards and shake well to combine.

Step 6

Create the truffles by rolling each teaspoon of Ganache into a ball between the palms of your hands. If you find the ganache gets too sticky, just place back in the freezer for a couple of minutes to firm up.

Step 7

Lift one of the truffles and place into the bowl of golden cocoa powder and gently shake until the truffle is fully covered.

Step 8

Take one of the truffles and place into the bowl of chocolate shards and gently shake until fully covered.

Step 9

Take a truffle and place into the bowl of nuts and gently shake until fully covered.

Step 10

Repeat the above steps until all your truffles are covered.

Video Tutorial