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Modern Wedding Cake Inspiration

Wednesday 31st March 2021

Warmer, brighter days are ahead, and we’ve got our fingers crossed for family celebrations on the horizon. It’s been a tough year for weddings and special occasions, and there may still be adjustments to be made to guest lists to follow guidelines, but we’ve got some beautiful wedding cake inspiration that will still give everyone a slice of the action, and make a stunning impact at the reception.

Product Focus: Renshaw Extra, Renshaw Royal Icing, Rainbow Dust Gooseberry ProGel

One Tier Wedding Wonder

This beautiful one-tier wedding cake is the perfect size for sharing at smaller, close-knit gatherings over the coming months. Make your one-tier wedding cake the centre attraction amidst a cascade of matching cupcakes and treats, and choose a decorative stand to elevate your edible work of art.

Renshaw Extra is the perfect sugarpaste for covering wedding cakes. It’s a strong, stretchy paste that makes it ideal for covering deeper tiers and creating on-trend sharp edges without tearing. The extra strength and stretch in Renshaw Extra makes it an economical choice for cake professionals, as it can be rolled extra thin and still give smooth coverage, so a little goes a long way.

Simple, natural colours are making a strong comeback in wedding cake design. This wedding cake design works well with natural foliage and wisteria décor. Classic decorating techniques such as brush embroidery piping are also seeing a big resurge in popularity, as cake professionals and hobbyists alike have practiced and perfected different skills during lockdown.

Rainbow Dust Gooseberry ProGel has been mixed with Renshaw Royal Icing to create the soft brush embroidery design, and blended with Renshaw Extra to make matching cupcakes.

Edible Gifts

Renshaw Extra is also a great sugarpaste for covering sculpted or unusual shaped cakes, like these impressive round cupcakes. You can see what a smooth finish it leaves on sculpted cakes, as well as the decorative cupcake toppers. The flexibility of the paste makes it easy to work with and smooth round curved edges, without tearing or elephant skin.

These fun, round cupcake designs look beautiful when paired with a one-tier wedding cake, and they are easily shared with family and friends who can’t make it to the big day. The matching design will make them feel they haven’t missed out on wedding cake.

We’d love to see the wedding cakes you’ve been making using Renshaw and Rainbow Dust. Don’t forget to share them with us @renshawbaking @rainbow_dust_colours

Happy Baking, and here’s hoping for a Summer of celebrations!