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Renshaw is proud to be a Royal Warrant Holder for our almond-based
marzipan products. Endorsements don’t come any higher than that. We are justly proud of our marzipan, and we know you’ll love it too. We use a blend of European and Californian almonds to create a distinctive flavour unlike any other marzipan you’ll find. We process all the nuts in-house, where they are de-skinned and then crushed between two granite rollers.

Our white marzipan, with added preservative, is typically used in cake making to cover your cake, or as an added layer underneath icing. Simply take a block and roll it out to the required size. We recommend a thickness of about 4 to 5mm if you want to achieve the perfect covering for your cake. However there’s so much more you can do. It’s an ideal product to create decorative models with.

Although many sugar crafters prefer to use sugar paste for intricate detail work, marzipan is easier to work with due to its more malleable nature and it tastes amazing.

Marzipan roses are a simple, tasty and beautiful decoration for all kinds of cakes. You can use it for making cutter flowers or hand-crafted petals. Marzipan also takes colour really well, so it’s easy to create bright, eye-catching models in any style and for any occasion. You can also blend in cocoa powder to create a delicious chocolate marzipan that works brilliantly for both modelling and as a covering. Marzipan is incredibly versatile and we have many marzipan recipes to help with ideas and methods. So why not give one a try.

No matter what you want to use our marzipan for you’ll find it perfect in every situation.

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