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Whether you’re a professional sugar crafter or a gifted amateur wanting to decorate your latest creation with some delicate flowers, our Flower and Modelling Paste is the perfect product. Our special recipe ensures that this flower paste has excellent setting properties, giving you enough time to create your designs before it firms up. All you need to do is take the desired amount of flower paste, knead and then roll it out and you’re ready to make your flowers, leaves and models that will make your cake something truly special.

To meet the needs of sugarcrafters our range of flower paste comes in a staggering range of colours:

This exciting palette ensures that you have the right colour of flower paste for any modelling project without having to go through the often fiddly process of colouring your flower paste with food colourings. We’ve kept the colours bold and vibrant and they can be used straight out of the pack or mixed with other colours to achieve different shades and hues. 

Renshaw Flower and Modelling Paste comes in a 250g block, which should be ample for most projects and before you know it you’ll be crafting delicate pink roses, elegant butterflies and anything you can possibly imagine. Our flower paste can be dusted with shimmer for a sparkling sheen and even painted with edible colours to create quite original effects. 

The consistency of our flower paste also means that it works well with plunger cutters, which can make the creation of petals and flowers a little easier for the less dextrous among us. Making bigger models is easy too. Just mix it up 50:50 with sugarpaste and you’ll be able to craft animals, people, whatever you can imagine. Once combined with sugarpaste, the setting properties of the final paste will ensure that whatever you make will keep its shape more readily than simply using sugarpaste on its own.  

Whatever you’re thinking of modelling we know that our flower paste will be the ideal solution whether you’re an experienced hand tackling intricate models or taking those first, tentative steps into sugarcrafting with a decorative flourish on your latest cake. 

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