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Baking with Children

Tuesday 1st September 2015

Bake some delicious memories with your children this week

You’d be hard pressed to find a passionate baker or cake decorator who doesn’t have fond memories of afternoons spent in a sweet smelling kitchen with their mother or grandmother. Feeling important mixing the batter, the joy of being allowed to lick the spoon, the magic of a cake rising and the freedom that comes with making a bit of a mess are all magical for children. With the school holidays coming to an end, now is an ideal time to make memories in the kitchen with your little ones.

If you have young children, a simple recipe that doesn’t involve too many ingredients and is easy to follow is best. Dipped Sprinkle Biscuits are ideal as kids will enjoy kneading the dough and decorating the delicious biscuits in primary colours using colour melts and sprinkles. Or how about baking a Gingerbread family, customised to look like your clan? Our Gingerbread Men recipe is super tasty and shows you how to make outfits using Ready to Roll Icing too.

Kids love the fun factor of baking cakes that look like other foods and our Ice Cream Cupcakes look and taste fantastic. For the ultimate kitsch factor try these Hamburger Cupcakes – sure to entice even a reluctant mini baker. You could even indulge in burgers for dinner and burgers for dessert and score yourself extra brownie points with the kids. If you have older children and fancy baking something more advanced, and terribly impressive, try these Dinosaur Biscuits – who wouldn’t want to bake a Stegosaurus that stands up by itself?

Not only is baking with children incredible fun, it’s also a great learning activity. Read the recipe you’re following with your children to work on their literacy skills and improve their vocabulary. Letting them measure out the ingredients teaches them about fractions and when it comes to cutting the cake, they’ll learn about dividing. You’ll see that baking will spark scientific curiosity and that it provides a good exercise in patience too.

Mini Bakers Competition

If you’re inspired to bake with your little ones this weekend be sure to enter our Mini Bakers competition and you could win a £50 Toys ‘R’ Us voucher to spoil your mini baker!