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Trick or Treat?

Thursday 3rd October 2013

Are you getting excited about Halloween tray bakes and gruesome cakes? Or would you like to receive a discount
voucher for Renshaw Baking? Either way, we’ve got a treat (for some) and a trick for others. Dare you find out
which you’ll receive?

Sign up for our email newsletter and we’ll email you either a trick (which is
a surprise!) or a treat (a discount voucher to use on any of our products on renshawbaking.com).


We’ll give you one clue to the trick… it’s ghastly, frightful and not to be viewed if you’re easily scared.
But we can’t help but find it slightly amusing. Tweet or Facebook us with your opinion, if you’re unlucky enough to
receive a trick.


If you’re one of the lucky ones who receives our treat, you may want to stock up on our Halloween Product Bundle.
It makes Halloween cake decorating scarily easy. Magically model a purple witches sugar paste hat with ease, or
if you’re looking for more of a challenge, a black fondant cat is ideal. Covering cakes with pumpkins and spider
motifs too, get creative this Halloween. Just £5 FOR 4 PACKS of 250g ready to roll icing at renshawbaking.com
until Thursday 31 October 2013.


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