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Transform Your Summer Baking With These Cool Ideas (With Sprinkles Galore!)

Tuesday 12th August 2014

The great thing about cake is that it’s one of those 365 days a year treats. You can savour a slice of chocolate cake over a coffee on a wet winter Wednesday or enjoy a fruity cupcake on a scorching summer Sunday and the result is the same: mouth-watering heaven. 

So with summer well and truly here we thought we’d offer you some inspiration to give your summer baking a lift through the addition of sprinkles. Whether you opt for traditional sprinkles to add some colour or make bright crystals and metallic shimmer a focal point of your cakes you’ll find that sprinkles are a great way to add excitement to a cake any time of year.

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Milkshake Cupcakes 

Milk Shake Cupcakes 

A cold, frothy milkshake is a perfect summer thirst quencher so why not pair it with a milkshake cupcake? You can use frosting to get the colourful froth of a strawberry milkshake and the chocolate sprinkles give a little extra dash of decadence. These are ideal for enjoying with friends on a weekend picnic.

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Tennis Ball Cake Pops 

Tennis Ball Cake Pops 

If any sport is forever joined with summer in the minds of the British public it’s surely tennis. With Wimbledon running at the end of June and into early July every year everyone breaks out the strawberries, cream and Pimm’s to cheer on the British hopefuls. These yummy tennis ball cake pops are great to share while watching the tournament unfold. They use green glimmer sugar sprinkles to get that shiny textured look which means nobody will take their eyes off the ball when you’re serving.

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Pink Lemonade Cupcakes

Lemonaide Cupcakes

(Image via A Spicy Perspective

The great thing about sprinkles is that they come in a variety of colours so you can always find the right kind of sprinkle to tie in with a theme or colour scheme. These delightful pink lemonade cupcakes from A Spicy Perspective use pink sprinkles to evoke the warmth of summer. Pink lemonade is definitely a summertime drink and you can’t help but feel the summer sun when you see these cupcakes. 


6 Layer Chocolate Sprinkle Cake 

6 Layer Chocolate Sprinkle Cake
(Image via – Sweetapolita)


OK, if you’re a sprinkle fan then this awesomely colourful 6 layer chocolate sprinkle cake by Sweetapolita is for you. Not only are the top and sides coated in sprinkles but each layer is also jam packed with them. This kind of cake would go down a storm at a summer birthday party. This cake uses a mix of different types of sprinkles and you’re going to need a lot of them to do it justice. You’ll also need to have plenty of chocolate frosting and take care with those swirls on top to achieve a picture perfect finish. 


Flower Sprinkle Cupcake

Flower Sprinkle Cake 

Summer is all about flowers with gardens, fields and hedgerows across the country bursting to life in an explosion of colour. This cute cupcake combines a tasty frosting topping and a ready to roll icing flower and a generous spread of pink glimmer sugar sprinkles. Rather than just chucking the sprinkles on though you need to apply them with care to achieve the need lining. This frames the frosting and flower topper setting them off to perfection. 

We hope these recipes inspire you to use some sprinkles in your baking this summer. Remember that sprinkles can be used subtly or boldly and on cakes, cupcakes and biscuits. When it comes to cake decorating few products are as versatile as sprinkles. So get sprinkling and show us your cakes and bakes on Twitter and Facebook.