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The Perfect Match: Renshaw Frosting and Rainbow Dust Confetti

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Frosting is the perfect support for Confetti, adhering together with ease. The white colour of the Frosting and bright gold of the Confetti make them a striking pair that perfectly complement each other.

Use this perfect pair for stunning cupcakes, a sparkling cake filling, or a glamorous cake coating, creating beautiful bakes in no time at all.

Confetti Cupcakes Tutorial

These super easy sparkling cupcakes can be decorated in minutes, and given as gifts to friends and family. Follow Francezka Bell’s tutorial to learn how to make them.

Top Tip: Save time with this perfect pair

Renshaw Frosting and Rainbow Dust Confetti are perfectly paired as major time savers. Both are ready to use, making your desserts look elegant and effortless in no time at all. Pipe a bulb of Frosting onto cupcakes then dip into a bowl of Confetti, and that’s it! Confetti Cupcakes decorated faster than you can eat them.

Fall for Frosting

Renshaw Frosting is ready to use straight from the pot and comes in delicious vanilla and chocolate flavours. You can whip it with cream cheese for an even creamier cake filling. As well as Confetti, Frosting pairs perfectly with Rainbow Dust Sugar Crystals and Glitter.

Fall for Confetti

Rainbow Dust Confetti will add a luxurious finish to any edible creation. Simply sprinkle on for a bit of sparkle, dip cupcakes and biscuits for a quick coating, or transform cake tiers by completely covering in Confetti. If you’ve got the time (and patience), add individual Confetti Stars to your cake for a cosmic design.

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