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Monday 2nd September 2013

Seriously into your sugar craft? How do you feel about marzipan – do you love or loathe the stuff? Here at Renshaw, we want to know all about your detailed decorating habits and just how nuts you are for the softer stuff. Do you tend to cover or model with it, or do you have more creative uses for the marmite of the cake decorating world?

We have pulled together a short survey to find out all about marzipan preferences, and for the first 500 surveys completed, we’ll send out a 100g pack of Marzipan to allow you tempt your taste buds or simply try modelling with marzipan if you haven’t had a go before. The survey closes Friday 6th September, and for those first off the mark, we’ll send your pack of marzipan before the end of September 2013 .Simply click on the link below and divulge your cake decorating habits:

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