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Sweet Valentine’s Day Baking Inspiration

Wednesday 8th February 2017

It’s almost that time of the year you get ready to spoil your partner and what better way to do so if not to bake their favourite cakes, cupcakes and biscuits? Chocolates may be the easy way out, but won’t all friends give and receive the same present? Preparing something in your very own kitchen will add that personal touch we all appreciate, particularly on a day like Valentine’s.

Wait for the best time to prepare this surprise without having them around and let’s start baking! Red velvet cakes are some of the most popular for this occasion, but here’s some inspiration to suit everybody’s fancy!

Being this the day of love, why not celebrate Valentine’s with the kids too? It’s the perfect excuse to bake biscuits for everyone around.

Stained Glass Heart Biscuits

One of our favourite trends at the moment are stained glass biscuits. Cut a small heart from the centre of your biscuit dough, and a few minutes before they finish baking add a boiled sweet and some Rainbow Dust edible hearts to the centre for a glazed window effect. We’ve topped ours with Fuchsia Pink icing and a Royal Icing border, but the beauty of these is that you can get as creative and personal as you like. Get the recipe here.

Love Bird Biscuits

Why not try these heart-shaped biscuits covered with royal icing to create two ‘love birds’? Little Wonderland have utilised white and turquoise, because Valentine’s is not all about red and pink. If you want to use two different colours for the birds, help yourself by tracing a thin line to divide and define the areas you’ll pipe on these two shades. Before adding details like the eyes, the beak, the branch and the feet, let the first layer of royal icing harden to avoid colours mixing.

Avoid piping on warm biscuits as the heat will affect the consistency of the royal icing and of the final design. As a final touch, dust below the eyes to highlight the cheeks.

Once finished with piping and decorating the biscuits, leave them to set once again before enjoying them with your partner!

Two Tiered Love Heart Cake

This double-tiered pink and fuchsia cake says it all: will you really need to add more? Cover both cakes with Renshaw Ready to Roll icing and airbrush or dust darker shades of pink at the base of both cakes to recreate Melle Blush‘s soft blended effect. And don’t forget the filling! A sponge layered with champagne flavoured buttercream, like the above, could be ideal!

Fondant Rose Tutorial

Top any cake or cupcake with a fondant rose and you’ve got an impressive Valentine’s Day design. The video below shows you how to easily model a rose from ready to roll fondant icing. Choose Poppy Red icing or Ruby Red icing for a classic design, or pick your partners favourite colour for a really personal feel.

Tiny Heart Toppers

If you’re not keen on looking for new cutters every time you’re experimenting with sugarpaste, these Mini Heart Trees by Zoe’s Fancy Cakes are perfect for you. Create an original design without needing to use any cutters and make everyone smile on Valentine’s Day. These little trees are perfect cake toppers which you can easily pop on to add a little twist and they’re great to create with the children around. Make them using our Ready to Roll Icing (or Flower and Modelling paste, if you want it to set quicker) and create heart-shapes of all colours and sizes.

Find more Valentine’s Day baking inspiration over on our recipes page.