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Scrumptious bakes for Carrot Cake Day

Friday 3rd February 2017

Did you know that today (3rd February) is international Carrot Cake Day? To help you celebrate (by which we mean to give you a good excuse to cook up a some tasty treats) we’ve rooted around for the best carrot-based recipes in our collection.

According to the British Carrot Growers Association, around 700,000 carrots are grown in the UK every year, which is almost 100 per person. As well as being inexpensive and versatile, they’re of course very tasty, working as well in sweet dishes as they do beside your Christmas turkey.

Still, plenty of people refuse to budge from the idea that ‘carrot’ and ‘cake’ don’t belong in the same sentence, let alone the same dish. So maybe now’s the time to convince them of the merits of veggie-enriched cakes and other delicious desserts? Who knows, from carrot cakes, you can then get them into cakes with courgette, beetroot and pumpkin. The sky, or rather the soil, is the limit!

The basic carrot cake recipe

Armed with this classic carrot cake recipe, you’ll be able to create all kinds of veggie-enriched goodies. The mouthwatering cream cheese frosting finishes off the moist, muscovado-sweetened sponge in a way that’s simply irresistible. It’s not difficult either, especially if you follow our step-by-step guide.

24 carrot gold looks

To ensure your bake looks smartly enough attired for its big day, check out our blog on how to decorate a carrot cake. Struggling to motivate kids to eat their vegetables? There’s no need for the stick when the carrot does its job this well.There may be healthier ways to get your five a day, but what’s wrong with a little indulgence once in a while?

Carrot cake tray bake

Need to feed a fair few people with your next bake? How about a carrot cake tray bake, which is a great way to make bite-sized cakes that look delicious but aren’t as fiddly as individual cupcakes. Take a look at our carrot cake tray bake now.

Carrot cake bites

These awesome bites look like chunky cartoon carrots that have been somehow brought to life. All that’s missing is a wisecracking Bugs Bunny chomping his way through the pile, but the lucky recipients of these bakes will be happy to perform that role on his behalf. With our step-by-step carrot cake bites recipe, you’ll be surprised how easily you can achieve the fun effect.

Beautiful bunny cake with carrots and walnuts

Carrots and walnuts are a classic combination of textures and flavours. This loveable creation, uploaded by community baker Mandy Dunn, continues the cartoonish theme, with a beautifully designed and realised rabbit in the centre of a gorgeous-looking cake. Here’s how Mandy brought her design to life.

Check out all our baking recipes, or why not see if you can inspire some creativity in your fellow bakers, by uploading one of your own carroty creations?

Happy Carrot Cake Day!