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Say it with Cake

Sunday 21st October 2012

Valentine’s Day – love it or hate it, you can’t escape it. Explosions of pink on the high street and romantically themed restaurant menus, even those struck by cupid’s bow can find February 14th a bit hard to swallow. Sure, a mushy card, box of chocolates and the obligatory dozen red roses are lovely, but something with a bit of imagination always means that little bit more.

Love Heart Biscuits

Here at Renshaw, we’ve had our fair share of Valentines delights. From heart shaped breakfast pancakes to surprise trips to Paris, we’ve seen it all, but quite surprisingly, we’ve never received a love cake (or biscuits or cupcake for that matter). We quite like a baked treat, so this year, we think it’s time to go that extra mile and say it with cake.

The deep red sponge of Red Velvet Cake or just the simple gesture that is heart shaped shortbread, the possibilities are endless. Love is a great muse, they say, especially when it comes to decorating cakes. Whether you incorporate your partners favourite flavour (rose water frosting, maybe?) or ice around with a theme (pucker up, perhaps?), go bake and decorate a cake this Valentine’s Day.

Lips Cake Pops

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Now, back to you…

What’s the most romantic gesture you’ve ever had made to you, and were someone to say it with cake, what love shaped bake would you most like to receive?