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Renshaw Christmas Hall of Fame 2014

Monday 22nd December 2014

Christmas is one of our favourite times of year for baking and cake decorating; it’s a great excuse to get out the rolling pin and the modelling tools and make something fun and festive that we can share with our family and friends.

We asked you to share with us the festive bakes that you’ve made this year, and we were really impressed by how much time, effort and detail you’ve put into your creations. It was great to see some new ideas and themes too, and that many of you had added a fun element into the designs. Thank you to everyone that sent in pictures of your cakes.

Most Creative

This sleeping Santa cake by Karen Hughes is a sweet idea and modelled very well. Do you think Santa is getting an early night before his Christmas deliveries or taking his well-earned rest afterwards?

Most Festive

The snow globe themed cake by Tania’s Delights is a great idea, and is something new and unusual to try out for Christmas. The topper is a fun addition too.

Best Skill

Nicola Stretch’s 3 tiered penguin cake is perfectly decorated and the colour is nice, bright and festive. The uneven layers make a fun slide for the icing penguins!

Most Unusual

We love this funny and unusual design from Alicia’s Cakey Buns, and it reminds us of a very important message: Sprouts are for life, not just for Christmas!

Best Theme

The Minions trend is still going strong, and these icing tree decorations by Anastasia Erofeeva capture their amusing characters and the festive theme really well.

Most Traditional

Peppermint Cupcakery have created a traditional wreath design in a modern way by making a set of matching cupcakes. Perfect for sharing!

Best Modelling

Small gift cakes are a big trend for Christmas this year, and Shona Mccloy has put a lot of detail into the presents and elf on her cake.

Cutest Cake

Debbie Hopkins is wishing ewe a Merry Christmas with her cute Sheep cake, cheekily chewing away on some Holly leaves.

Most Fun

We enjoyed seeing this fun design by Carol Thomas, an interesting move away from the traditional shape and design of Christmas cakes.

New Trend

The textured icing trend is going to be big for 2015, and the knitted theme already made a big appearance this Christmas. Ann-Marie Fountain gets it spot on with her cupcakes.

Watch our Christmas Baking Hall of Fame video…