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Ready To Roll? Some Inspiration For Your Birthday Cake Toppers

Tuesday 26th May 2015

In February we had such a brilliant response to our Facebook competition to make a bear from Renshaw Ready to Roll Icing we know that for many of you amazing cake toppers are, well …a piece of cake.

[Photo: Nadine Mansell’s winning bear]

But we also know that when crafting animals with marzipan or ready to roll icing sometimes it’s easier to stick with what you know rather than to try out something new.

So we thought we’d look for some inspiration for animal cake toppers that will take us in some new creative directions.

A great place to start if you want to build some confidence with eye catching animals is with the Cake Dutchess YouTube channel. There’s some great simple real time tutorials of super cute animal cake toppers, perfect for kids. While there’s only a few examples, the tutorials are great to follow, including one for an Olaf the snowman that would be sure to please the Frozen fan in your life.

[Image via Cake Duchess]

But of course, some of you are experts already, at least as far as bears are concerned! The cake topper is the chance for you to stamp some personality on top of the cake and create something you know will raise a smile.

One of the best ways to do that is to try and think of something surprising with the elements you have to work with. We could probably dedicate an entire post on creative things to do with candles but this example from cakecentral.com introduces a great simple twist to a birthday cake.

[Image via cakecentral.com]

The most important thing about cake toppers though is to not get too carried away with the minor details and flaws. We’re sure your loved ones will love the fact that you made the effort to make them a unique birthday cake.

Maybe you could offer you some tips on making a great birthday cake topper? Or maybe you’d like to share the best animal cake topper you’ve made for the birthday of a loved one. If so, share it with us on Facebook or Twitter , we’d love to see.