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Ready to Roll Icing, Renshaw Extra, Covering Paste and Premium Cover Paste; What’s the difference and which one should I choose?

Thursday 2nd November 2017

Finding the perfect icing to cover your cake is critical to achieving the finish that you would like, and knowing all you can about your options will give you the best information for which product would be best for you to choose. Ready to Roll Icing, Renshaw Extra, Covering Paste and Premium Cover Paste are all great products which you can cover your cake with. However, they have different qualities better suited for certain applications. In this blog post, we have broken them down and given you handy information on each option so that you can judge for yourself what the best Renshaw product for the job is.

Covering Paste

Covering Paste is best suited for multiple cake covering to achieve reliable results each time, but is also great for the novice decorator who is building their cake covering skills. The paste comes in a Brilliant White colour and a sweet vanilla flavour, it’s a soft paste which is easy to pin out for covering and developed for ease of use. Covering paste is also suitable for covering biscuits, cupcakes and tray bakes.

Premium Cover Paste

Premium Cover Paste is a slightly firmer and more flexible paste which softens down easily but still retains a firmness and stretch giving you that flexibility. It has been specially developed for covering larger and deeper cakes which are popular, and it has a sweet vanilla flavour which is made to compliment both fruit and sponge cakes. The Premium Cover Paste can be found in Brilliant White or Ivory.


Ready to Roll Icing

Ready to Roll Icing is a firm product which softens easily, yet retains firmness and stretch. It’s an ideal product for professional cake decorators, as not only does it have great covering ability, it’s also great for modelling with (unlike our covering pastes). You can choose to either colour it yourself with gel colours or edible dust, or you can choose from a range of ready-made colours.

A number of our Ready to Roll Icing colours are also available in a variety of pack sizes.


Renshaw Extra

Renshaw Extra is an extra strong and extra stretchy paste, that gives you an extra smooth finish to your cakes. It is a firmer paste to knead and retains strength and stretch when covering deep, sharp-edged cakes and novelty shapes. This economical sugarpaste can be rolled thinly so one pack goes a long way. Renshaw Extra comes in white, black and red, and a Marshmallow flavour to elevate your celebration cakes.

We hope this has helped you choose the right product for you. Let us know what you have been making using our products via our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter social media channels.

Happy Baking!