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NEW Primary Colour Multipack

Tuesday 2nd July 2013

Our brand new Renshaw Primary Colour Multipack is now available from our online shop. Comprising five 100g packs of red, yellow, green, blue and black, this brightly coloured multipack (with black added for all that sugar paste detail) is ideal for modelling and intricate details, not to mention introducing beginners to sugar paste and home baking with the kids. 


With packs on sale for £3.99, we’re offering 25% OFF for one week only as an introductory price. Head over to the shop to get your sugar crafting mitts on a pack for ONLY £2.99 before Tuesday 9 July. Buy the multipack now >>


There are so many ways to use your coloured icing, the bright colours brought us back to childhood games. We’ve taken 4 of our favourite games that display primary colour sugar paste icing at its best. Perfect for birthday cakes, rainy weekends at home with the family or a cheery colour pop for dinner.

Lego Cake

lego cake multipack renshaw icing

The building blocks of this cake are cake decorated in Ready to Roll blue, green, red and yellow icing. We can’t help but admire the neat and precise blocks. 

Rubik Cube

rubik cube primary colours icing

Striking and simple, this completed rubik cube has black Ready to Roll finished with cut outs of coloured squares. 

Pacman Cake

fairydustbakery pacman cake primary colours sugar paste icing

Remember the wacka-wacka sound? Take a tour down retro game history with pacman. The cake shows off the game, whilst cupcakes display character designs. 

Twister Cake


Know a Twister game fan? This stunningly simple design won us over with its square cake covered in white Ready to Roll, complete with round coloured icing cut outs. 

Have we missed any of your favourite games? What will you be making with your Renshaw Primary Colours Multipack of Icing? Don’t forget to take advantage of the multipack introductory offer; it’s only until Tuesday 9 July!