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Modern Twists On Forgotten Bakes

Wednesday 18th October 2017

Last night’s episode of The Great British Bake Off took an interesting turn with the evening’s theme being ‘Forgotten Bakes’. As Renshaw, we have been in the cake decorating business for over 100 years so we have seen products and cake trends go in and out of fashion and we want to give you some examples of how you can revamp traditional bakes and give them a touch of 21st-century charm while still keeping it traditional. We may not have a Bedfordshire clanger recipe for you but we have some new twists on classics you don’t see as much anymore.

We may not have a Bedfordshire clanger recipe for you, but we have some new twists on classics you don’t see as much anymore. Whether it’s a new take on your Grandma’s Bundt cake or a super-sized version of the tea-party favourite, French Fancy, these bakes are sure to never make the ‘forgotten bakes’ list again!


We all know the traditional appearance of a Battenberg, whether it’s a slice of a larger cake or your own mini Battenberg, the unmistakable pink and yellow checks encompassed by a layer of delicious marzipan is a recognisable classic.

But why stay constrained to the usual flavours and colours when you could mix it up? This Chocolate Battenberg recipe will be an instant hit for the chocoholics in your life…or maybe that’s you! As we are getting into the Christmas spirit, you might want to try something a bit more festive, like our Christmas Battenberg – perfect for parties or even to serve as an alternative to a rich fruit cake.


Bundt Cake

This vintage style cake is wonderfully versatile and a range of flavours and decorations can be achieved. How about a delicious Lemon and Blueberry Bundt cake to lighten up the dark Winter nights? Or what about this Pumpkin Bundt cake which makes a perfect Halloween treat or delightful dessert for Bonfire Night! Finally, we have another festive suggestion with this Mulled Wine Fruit Bundt to make us merry.


Giant French Fancy

This delightful party finger desert goes gigantic in this larger than life recipe. We love fancies so much that a sometimes a miniature version just won’t do, and we always want to take more than one! If this sounds like you, then this incredible Giant French Fancy recipe is perfect for you. This just goes to show that to give old-fashioned deserts a modern twist you don’t even have to add new ingredients, it could be as simple as changing the size.

Hopefully one of these recipes has caught your eye, but if not then try taking a classic that you know and love and giving it your own personal twist! Let us know how it goes and send us your creations via our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram channels ?