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International Dog Day – ‘Making a Fondant Fido’ Infographic

Wednesday 26th August 2015

Making a feisty little fondant Fido is a great way to develop and showcase your icing skills. As a nation of dog lovers we all just lap them up. And don’t worry, you wouldn’t have to be barking mad to give it a go, even if you’re a first-time baker. We promise they’re not as difficult as they might seem and, contrary to the proverb, when it comes to baking even the very oldest dogs have a few new tricks in them.

Whether you’re a lifetime dog-lover or just being hounded to make a special canine cake, it’s time to put those paws to good use to fashion your own pooch.

For easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions take a look at our fondant dog tutorial and video guide to making a marzipan puppy.

We hope this infographic will lead you to have a go at your own pet project. By following some simple steps you’ll have an end product that’s as cute and characterful as a real corgi – and hopefully a little less messy.

Once you’ve put the finishing touches on your little tyke, don’t forget that dogs are social animals – we’d love to see your canine creations out and about on Facebook and Twitter.