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How To: Make Moulded Lace

Wednesday 7th May 2014

Vintage designs and lace are still big news for 2014, in fashion and cake decorating circles both. Ever popular in wedding cake design, lace motifs are filtering through to other occasions, particularly birthday cakes and christening cakes, taking influence from the catwalks and clothing creations from the past.


If you’re just getting started with using lace in cake decorating, the simplest place to start is using lace moulds. Free handing with royal icing takes some skill and practise, but with the variety of incredibly intricate and detailed moulds available on the market, they are the perfect place to start.


Our cake decorating expert Jayne Frost has shared all the hints and tips you need to mould yourself some beautiful lace moulds. All you need is a pack of Renshaw Ready to Roll Icing or Renshaw Flower and Modelling Paste, a lace mould of your choice and some icing sugar in case of sticking. Go on, get fancy!


Lace Moulds


1. Knead the Ready to Roll Icing or Flower & Modelling Paste until soft and pliable on a clean dry work surface lightly dusted with icing sugar.


Lace Moulds Step 1 Resized


Lace Moulds Step 2 Resized


Mix white or coloured ready to roll icing with flower and modelling paste to strengthen your icing for use in lace moulds to achieve a stronger edible decoration.


2. Take enough icing or paste to fill your chosen mould and roll into a ball, oval or long sausage shape.


Lace Moulds Step 3 Resized


Lace Moulds Step 4 Resized


Lace Moulds Step 5 Resized


3. Press the icing into the silicone lace mould of your choice. You can use Trex to make the moulded icing come away more easily, or a small amount of icing sugar if the icing is sticking.

 Lace Moulds Step 6 Resized


Lace Moulds Step 7 Resized


Lace Moulds Step 8 Resized


Lace Moulds Step 9 Resized


Leave your moulded lace to set in the mould before releasing to make it easier to handle and more resilient once applied to your cake or bake.


4. Gently flex the mould to release the lace.


 Lace Moulds Step 10 Resized



5. Leave to set.


Lace Moulds Step 11 Resized


Lace Moulds Step 12 Resized


Lace Moulds Step 13 Resized


If you want to mould your lace into a particular shape, do it immediately after the icing is removed from the mould.


6. Place in position on the cake or cupcake, sticking down with a little cooled boiled water.


Use coloured powders, lustre dusts or edible glitter to decorate, applying to moulded lace with a dry brush and leaving to dry before sticking to your cake or cupcakes with a little cooled boiled water if required.


Why not give it a go? Our vintage lace cake is the perfect place to start in making use of lace moulds, and with our fashion bundle currently on offer at £5 for four Spring Summer 2104 colours, is the perfect way to inject some colour into your lacy creations.