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How to make a cake pop

Wednesday 16th March 2016

What exactly is a cake pop?

A cake pop is the delightful union of a cake and a lollipop. Essentially, it is a ball of cake, covered in chocolate or icing, on the end of a lolly stick. They are easy to make, incredibly versatile, and there are all manner of ways to decorate them.

Cake pops are sweet treats that everyone can enjoy, plus they are the perfect tasty mouthful; just enough to give you a hit of enjoyment without filling you up. Fun to make and fun to eat, you can make these sweet treats for every occasion: kids’ parties, seasonal events, wedding favours, or just for fun.

What is the basic recipe?

The mixture itself is just a normal
sponge cake mixture. Of course, you can create different flavourings, like chocolate or ginger too. You can even use a ready-made sponge of your choice. Here’s how to make a basic cake pop:

  1. First, crumble your sponge into nice, fine, crumbs either by hand or with a food processor.
  2. Next you’ll need to add moisture so you can sculpt it. If you are making a chocolate cake pop, add melted chocolate. If you are using a regular sponge or other flavoured cakes you can add a buttercream frosting. Keep adding until you have a fudge-like consistency.
  3. Once you have the desired texture, roll the cake mixture into a tight ball. How many balls you get depends upon how big you decide to make them. Place the rolled balls onto a baking tray.
  4. Gently push a cake pop stick or lollipop stick into each cake ball and chill for 20-30 minutes.
  5. The next step is to dip your cake pop into your chosen icing or coatings. It’s helpful to place a polystyrene ball in a bowl so you can secure your cake pops while they set without getting a flat side from laying them down. All you need to do now is individualise them.

Top of the cake pops

Here are our top 10 most poptastic cake pop ideas for you to have fun with

Beach ball cake pops

These colourful pops are the ultimate in summer fun, ideal for birthday parties, picnics and celebrations. The glimmer sugar creates a lovely iridescent quality.

Monochrome cake pops

Simple and stylish, these black and white cake pops are for the more sophisticated social function, ideal as a wedding favour, or perhaps a table display for a black and white ball.

Floral cake pops

Refined and beautiful, these cake pops require a little more artistry. For this you need colour melts, which you can get in a
variety of different colours. The trick is to paint a layer of colour, allowing it to cool before applying the next layer.

Tennis ball cake pops

Something for Wimbledon perhaps? These glimmering green tennis balls can be served or displayed without their sticks for authenticity.

Butterfly cake pops

The appeal of these cake pops is their variety. For this you’ll need a range of coloured melts and sprinkles. Use a butterfly cutter to forge delicate wings to perch on top of your cake pop.

Flower cake pops

Again, the fun of these pops is in the spectrum of colours. Use a plunge cutter to shape the flowers and allow them to set in an egg box to create the perfect petal tilt.

Lips cake pops

These edible kisses are perfect for Valentine’s Day, or to give to your sweetheart. Use a chocolate mould to shape the lips, or, if confident, you might decide to fashion these yourself.

Macaron cake pop

No cake needed this time. Instead, use the meringue recipe to create delicate and beautiful pink macarons. A little drizzled icing is all that’s needed to give them an elegant finish.

Chocolate and pistachio cake pops

This is one of the more simple, yet luxurious cake pop ideas. The colour of the pistachio against glossy dark chocolate makes this an ideal post-dinner treat to have with coffee.

Eyeball cake pops

It doesn’t have to be Halloween to enjoy these gruesome goodies. Eyeball cake pops are a perfect treat for the children’s party or gift bag.

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