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GBBO Pastry Week: Renshaw Rundown

Wednesday 21st October 2020


*Don’t worry, no major spoilers – we won’t disclose who won Star Baker, the technical or who was sent home. We’re catch-up friendly*

Can you believe we’re halfway through this series of The Great British Bake Off already? Time flies when you’re making elaborate pastry cages. That’s right, pastry week is back, ready to test even the most practiced bakers nerves.

This week’s signature challenge saw the remaining bakers rise to the task of making lunchtime favourite, the pasty! Hermine made a bold move by creating a shortcrust and puff pastry mix, but it paid off in the end as Prue and Paul loved her Moroccon Lamb pasties. She’s knocking it out of the tent every week with her tasty flavour combos.

Likewise, Lottie’s toad in the hole pasty concept resulted in raised eyebrows from the judges, but Paul couldn’t get enough of the sausage and mash combo in the end. To be honest, we can’t think of many things we wouldn’t enjoy inside a pasty!

And then we had Linda’s samosa shaped, samosa flavoured…pasties. Definitely not samosas. They did look delicious to be fair.

The Technical Challenge

Raspberry and salted caramel eclairs (don’t worry, they were not mixed together as we first feared), were on the menu for the technical. Chouxly the bakers would have this one nailed, as it tends to come up year after year?

Well, we a-choux you, that was not the case. Poor Linda had to make her choux pastry three times over, leaving no time to pipe her fillings and toppings. She did however serve them up as a trendy dipping sauce. Very cosmopolitan! Linda was really looking forward to pastry week, it’s a shame pastry week was not so welcoming to Linda.

An Unnecessary Elaborate Showstopper

Ever looked at a tart and thought ‘uh how boring, where’s the cage?!’ WELL, WELCOME TO THE BAKE OFF!

This week’s how-can-we-make-the-bakers-crack-challenge was exactly that, a beautifully caged tart. Interestingly, a missed opportunity for puns in the episode.

Dave’s Louvre inspired caged tart, sprayed with silver shimmer was a work of art that belongs on display and is our favourite bake of the week, as chosen by Kayleigh McDonough in our Marketing Team.

Our Favourite Bake of the Week

Quote of the Week

We’ve got to admire Linda’s enthusiasm and positivity. Despite a tough first day of pastry week, she didn’t let that phase her. “Tomorrow’s another day” is the energy we’re taking into the rest of 2020.

We hope you enjoyed the latest episode and our recap. Don’t forget to share your latest bakes with us on social @renshawbaking

Happy Baking!