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GBBO 80s Week: The Renshaw Rundown

Wednesday 4th November 2020

*Don’t worry, no major spoilers – we won’t disclose who won Star Baker, the technical or who was sent home. We’re catch-up friendly*


This Week, on The Great British Bake Off…

As we approach the final hurdles of Bake Off 2020 (?) Noel and Matt took us back in time to the 80’s. A time full of the most iconic music, movies and fashions. But, our eyes weren’t blessed (some may say cursed) with shoulder pads or leg warmers – instead our mouths were drooling and stomachs were rumbling at the sight of quiches, cream doughnuts and ice cream cakes!

As expected, the iconic nature of all things 80’s created plenty of punny opportunities:

A few of our other favourites are ‘Never gonna sieve you up – Rick Astley’ or ‘Bake on me – A-ha’, but for some unknown reason, these didn’t make the cut.

An egg tart-y usually found at a party

Quiche, you love it or you hate it. The savoury custard based tart was and still is popular as a classic party food. Even if nobody asks for one, a quiche will always manage to crash your party.

Some of the bakers chose to go classic with flavours of mushroom, spinach and Lorraine (that’s bacon to those unfamiliar with the delicacy that is quiche). However, the millennial bakers with their modern palettes adapted these retro bakes with flavours of avocado, Thai green curry and even baked beans. As if 2020 couldn’t be anymore crazy.

Despite the invasion of 21st century flavours, Hermine proved old is indeed gold by perfecting her classic quiche flavours. Somethings just aren’t to be messed with, quiche being one of them.

Sweet creams are made of these…it’s the technical!

Cream cakes, a naughty but nice treat to be enjoyed once in a while. Or maybe all the time (we don’t judge). The technical challenged the bakers to create cream finger doughnuts, or as Prue likes to call them…

“Paul Hollywood’s fingers”

We know which one we would rather eat. As the heat blazed through the tent, the bakers switched on their deep fryers full of hot oil. Paul and Prue really are cruel, aren’t they?

Although our expertise may be in cake decoration, one thing we do know is cream fingers aren’t supposed to look like that! ?

If you fancy going bake to the future (sorry) by creating your own cream doughnuts at home, why not try adding Rainbow Dust ProGel to your buttercream filling? Go for your favourite colour or a festive twist. With over 30 shades to choose from, create the real 80’s feel with neon coloured bakes! ?

The bakers were blowing hot and cold with this week’s showstopper ?

Things continued to get heated inside and outside the tent, as the evil baking masterminds of Paul and Prue wished for an ice cream cake on the 3rd hottest day of the year. Someone needs to remind Paul and Prue these are bakers we’re dealing with, not magicians!

Sticking with the throwback theme, Lottie attempted (emphasis on attempted) a cassette shaped ice cream cake, whilst Marc replicated the interior of an ice cream parlour with his colour choices. It was never going to be as simple as an arctic roll, was it? We think we’ll stick to a good old sponge cake.

The Renshaw Rundown’s bake of the week

This week’s bake of the week was chosen by Naomi Baker from our R&D team.

“Peter is so creative. I mean who thinks of Christmas cake ice cream in the middle of summer?! He always looks so happy when he is baking and he is yet to have a disaster moment, proving happy people = happy bakes!”

On your darkest day, Peter’s smiling face will shine through to you.

Quote of the Week

With the innuendos BURSTING from our screens, it really was hard to pick just ONE quote (hence the movie/music puns throughout this week’s rundown) but after much deliberation, here’s what we’ve chosen.

Warning: the reading of this quote may cause disturbing images to appear in your mind.


“I had to peel my jeans off”

Paul Hollywood, 2020.

You’ll have a tough time removing that image from your brain.


There’s much more to see over on our socials, so make sure you stay up to date: @renshawbaking. For now, why not replicate the fashions of the 80’s with our Textured and Patterned Cupcakes Recipe? Create ruffles, lace or crazy prints with our Neon Sugarpaste Multipack.

Happy Baking and Stay Safe! x