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Cast a spell with rose-inspired baking and decorating delights

Monday 20th March 2017

To celebrate the release of Disney’s enchanting live action film Beauty and The Beast, featuring Emma Watson as Belle, we’re sharing our rose-crafting recipes and how-to guides to help you conjure up a little magic in your kitchen…

How to make hand-modelled flowers

Hand modelling vintage rose blooms isn’t as complicated as it might look. All you need is the right materials (in this case our red ready-to-roll icing) and a little bit of time to practise sculpting the petals. Pop your roses onto cupcakes or smother a centrepiece for a showstopping bake that is sure to bewitch. Our step-by-step guide will walk you through the basics of sugar modelling, so get ready to be enchanted by the magical result.

Rose cupcakes

Cupcakes are always a big hit and these floral favourites are sure to capture the hearts of friends, family and colleagues alike. Top them with delicious, petal-soft pink and lilac vanilla frosting and bunch the bite-sized buns together into a beautiful rosy bouquet. They take no time at all to bake and all that’s needed are some steady piping skills to create the desired rose effect.

Rose cake

Smother the cake of your choice with half and half pink and vanilla frosting for a sweet centrepiece that will go down well at any banquet – or afternoon tea. Ours is a strawberry sponge recipe, but which flavour cake you choose to cover with rosy icing is likely to be just as spellbinding.

Making a marzipan rose

For a fairytale cake everyone will fall in love with you can’t go wrong with this delicious princess gateaux rose cake recipe. You can approach making the rose in different ways, from a simple spiral of pink ready-to-roll icing against a vibrant and smooth icing dome, or craft a more refined blossom using delicately coloured marzipan. Follow our video for easy-to-follow guidance.

For more fit for a fairytale decorating ideas and beautiful recipes even a beast will embrace, browse our recipe and blog archive.