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ABOUT: Fondant icing is the ultimate cake maker’s tool. You can use it to decorate cakes of all kinds, cupcakes and cookies, to create models and decorations or use it in kid’s craft. The possibilities are endless. Renshaw fondant icing is available in white and an unrivalled palette of over 30 colours! Popular fondant icing colours include black, green, red and blue. which means that you can make anything from the purest four-tiered wedding cake to amazing celebration cupcakes. Renshaw fondant icing contains gum tragacanth which means it is extremely pliable and easy to work with. This allows you to mould and work with it to get the desired effect before it begins to harden up.

PREPARATION: To get the best from our fondant icing we recommend kneading it on a hard, dry work surface before dusting the area with a light coating of icing sugar. Then grab your rolling pin and using firm, even pressure roll the fondant icing out. Our recipe means that when you use the icing to cover a cake it will remain soft on the underside but will firm up on the top, which will allow for easy decorating on top. We think a thickness of 3 to 4mm makes for the ideal cake covering.

STORAGE: Our icing products are available in a variety of pack sizes, from 250g up to 10kgs, which means you can get the right quantities for your project. Once opened, it’s important to store the icing in a zip-lock bag or airtight container to keep it in perfect, workable condition.

We believe our Renshaw fondant colour range and gum system is the best, making our fondant icing a superior product that will make your baking recipe creations perfect. Birthday cakes, wedding cakes, celebration cakes, whatever you’re making we’ve got the fondant icing colour for you.

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