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A plain cake is all well and good, but to really make your latest creation a thing of wonder you need to use quality cake icing. At Renshaw Baking we’re renowned for making high quality icing that will allow you to create the cake of your dreams. Thanks to our stunning array of colours you can use our cake icing to create cakes for any occasion. From bright and colourful birthday cakes to seasonal favourites, there’s nothing you can’t achieve with our products.

Our special recipe means that our icing can also be used in sugar craft as well as decoration. It’s perfect for creating models and can be mixed together with food colouring so you can make anything from flowers to cute animals and your favourite cartoon characters.

And don’t think that Renshaw cake icing is only for cakes. You can use it to add colour and fun to biscuits and cookies, cupcakes and tray bakes. The bottom side of the icing will stay moist giving it traction on your baked goods, while the top firms up giving you a perfect surface for further decorations.

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