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Bread Illusion Cakes

Tuesday 12th September 2017

It’s bread week this week on The Great British Bake Off. Here at Renshaw we’re not bread makers, but that shouldn’t mean we miss out on the fun!

So instead of the real thing, we thought we’d show you some bread-style cake creations! From burgers to pretzels, we have your bread-cake designs covered.

Burger Cakes

These traditional style burgers and fillings are made by Jacqui Kelly of Totally Sugar using Renshaw fondant. The amazing life-like individual elements are all put together to create a realistic burger bun complete with fillings.

If you like your burger with a bit of modern art, these creations from Sachiko Windbiel of Mimicafe Union are the perfect inspiration. Created as a competition piece, they feature mermaids trapped inside burgers.

Molly Robbins of Molly’s Creative Cakes created these fabulous bread themed creations, another in the popular burger cake style and the other a very convincing piece of bread to accompany a cheese themed cake platter. Molly shows how using bread themed cakes can either be the focal point of the design or can support other cake creations.

Sandwich Cakes

The Great British Bake Off launched this year with illusion cakes, and star baker Steven Carter-Bailey wowed the judges with his BLT design which convincingly disguised his chocolate cake!

[Photo from The Great British Bake Off]

Afternoon tea themed cakes are a popular choice for birthdays and Mother’s Day, and are often decorated with miniature versions of our favourite classic bakes. Zoe Hopkinson of Zoe’s Fancy Cakes demonstrates how to model mini sandwiches in her video tutorial.

Bagel Cakes

Another fantastic creation from Jacqui Kelly, these bagels and lunch box treats look so realistic that you would be ready to pack them into your lunchbox to take to work without realising!

For an extra indulgent breakfast treat, you could serve up these brilliant bagel cakes from Yolanda Gampp of How To Cake It. We always enjoy watching the How To Cake It tutorials!

Pretzel Cakes

This autumnal birthday cake by City Cakes features the traditional German treat of pretzels, with realistic salt granule decorations added too! These would be great if you were holding your own Oktoberfest party for a variety of sweet and savoury snacks.


When it comes to making cake, don’t let your imagination stop you! And if these bread themed creations are anything to go by, illusion cakes are breaking down the barriers of what’s cake and what’s not.