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Brand New! Renshaw Spring Colour Range

Friday 25th April 2014

It’s been a while since we added to our comprehensive range of ready to roll icing colours, but this spring, we’ve decided to inject some beautiful, bright new products in to the mix, and provide a whole new palette for you to introduce in your decorated cakes and bakes.

Tropical Coral Resized

Launched at the Manchester Cake and Bake Show, the updated range now includes the vibrant tropical coral and raspberry pink, the mellow hues of powder blue and dusky lavender and the jewel tones of emerald green, these new colours make a great addition to our range, at only £1.70 each per 250g pack.

Jewel Cake Web Resized

Beautifully tying in with the big fashion colour trends for Spring / Summer 2014, we’ll be showcasing how best to fashionably use the new spring colours in catwalk inspired cakes and bakes, like using raspberry pink to reflect the big colour trend of the season, and injecting some of the big cake trends picked up as part of our 2014 Big Trends Survey, including a fabulous ombre cake.

Raspberry Pink Resized

What would you make with our new range of spring colours, and how is it inspiring you to up the fashion stakes with your cakes and bakes?