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Brand New! Renshaw Colour Melts Range

Thursday 9th January 2014

As one of the huge trends of 2013, the creativity that cake pops bring makes it unlikely that we’ll see the waves of brightly hued and intricately decorated balls of cake on sticks wane. Luckily, our brand new range of Colour Melts means you won’t have to, as the easy to melt products, perfect for dipping and pouring over your cakes and bakes, makes covering and decorating ridiculously simple.

225-336 Colour Melts Pack Red

 At just £2.99, the rainbow hued range of buttons – comprising pink, red, yellow, green and blue plus the classic black and white – all melt in the microwave within minutes. Packaged in a handy pot, once melted the Colour Melts are ready to pour on top of tray bakes and cupcakes or dip cake pops in to coat, before decorating with sprinkles to create a glossy, professional finish.

Lips Cake Pops

Add a splash of colour to your classic cakes and bakes – flood a biscuit with slick of yellow or jazz up a brownie recipe with a covering of melting red – or simply try your hand at our classic Cake Pops recipe and use as a base for wherever your creative mind might take you. With Valentine’s Day and Easter coming up, our fun Lips Cake Pops and Easter Egg Cake Pops are also worth checking out too.