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Blogger Birthday Cake Challenge: The Results

Thursday 31st July 2014

We’ve been celebrating all things birthday cake related over the last month and we issued a challenge to a host of baking bloggers to create the best birthday cake they could imaging. We wanted to test their skill and creativity and they didn’t disappoint.

The bloggers had the chance to win a £100 Renshaw Baking voucher. It was difficult to choose a winner but here’s our pick plus a couple of honourable mentions who impressed us too.

The Winner:

Emma Morton-Turner of Cakes Bakes & Cookies

Emma Morton-Turner Black Forest Gateau Cake

The winning cake scooped the £100 Renshaw Baking voucher thanks to its creativity and superb finish. Emma took painstaking care over the cherries to make them look incredibly realistic. To achieve that natural look she used an airgun loaded with a mix of red and black food dye to give them a glossy, juicy appearance. And with a chocolate cherry ganache layer and a cherry and kirsch filling Emma’s cake is bound to taste as good as it looks.

View the blog here

Helen Jones: of Bakingaitch

Helen Jones Rainbow Butterfly Cake

Helen’s cake proves that you don’t have to be a sugarcrafting expert to create a beautiful birthday cake. All it takes is some of our ready to roll icing and a cutter. We love the progression from cool to warm colours across the cake and the consistency of the theme with the icing trim at the base of the cake.

View the blog here

Victoria Lee: of A Kick At The Pantry Door

Victoria Lee 30th Birthday CakeVictoria Lee Mum Birthday Cake

Victoria decided to bake two cakes to show off the versatility of our ready to roll icing. The first cake displays superb artistic flair with the carefully constructed palm tree and sunbathing cow. The use of different shades of icing to add depth to the ocean scene is also a nice touch.

For the second cake it’s all about simplicity. Victoria used our flower and modelling paste to create some delicate flowers and arranged them beautifully for a striking finish.

Thanks to all our bloggers for their hard work and creativity. We hope these cakes inspire your own birthday cake creation. Be sure to share your cakes with us on social media.

View the blog here