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Big Baking Trends 2014

Friday 24th January 2014

The results are in. We asked for your opinions on everything cakey, from favourite flavours and toppings to what you think the big trends will be for the coming year, and you didn’t disappoint. We got some surprising responses and interesting insights into what makes you, the great baking public tick.

So what did we learn? Well you can get the full story by looking at our awesome infographic, but it seems that you’re a caring and sharing bunch with over 60 per cent of you intending to create your baked delights for friends and family in 2014. You’re also very creative, with a third of you looking to try out hidden centre cakes and cake painting when you’re in the kitchen this year.

We also got some fantastic input from cake bloggers and baking experts on what they feel are the new trends for 2014 and which popular baking activity they’d rather see the back of. Some of what they had to say may surprise you, or maybe it’s perfectly in tune with your thinking.

So what do you think? Do you agree with the results or think there’s a big trend that’s going to break in 2014 that people have missed? We’d love to hear your thoughts on Twitter and Facebook.

RenshawBaking Baking Trends 2014 Infographic