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Baking Industry Awards – Celebration Cake Business of the Year Winner

Tuesday 10th September 2013

Last night’s Baking Industry Awards, brought to us by the British Baker, was a glitzy affair, with the bread and butter of the baking industry on show to celebrate the finest talent in the business.


BIA 2013 logo rgb 72dpi


The Renshaw sponsored Celebration Cake Business of the Year saw Terry Tang – our local Liverpool cake decorator extraordinaire – win the cake decorating title from last year’s winner Sandra Monger, so we caught up with Terry to talk inspiration behind the Around the World Theme set for the competition, and what entering the competition means to them and their business. 


Winner: Terry Tang Designer Cakes


Celebration Cakes 13


Focusing on iconic places with strong traditions and culture, the Tangs produced an intricately detailed and awe-inspiring cake for the competition. With an oriental theme dominating the awards ceremony, the top of the cake showcased this to perfection, with a Japanese pagoda and a traditional Geisha girl, topped with a Chinese dragon which wrapped around the entire cake.


Modelling was one of the major skills used, achieving accurate body proportions, vibrant use of colour and multiple textures delivered across the clothing detail on each of the individual models – from the fur on the panda to the feathers on the carnival dancer. Painting techniques were also used to create life-like features and expressions, down to individual eye shadow shades, and brush on painting used to great effect in making the marbled pagoda and Greek statue look weathered.


Having won previous Baking Industry Award titles for Cake Decorator of the Year in 2011, 2008 and 2007, this year’s award is all the more special as it reflects the efforts of the whole family, from Terry’s wife Carol who manages the business and fed back on the design of the cake, to daughter Leanne, who was instrumental in creating and decorating the cake alongside her Dad.


Terry Tang


As the most prestigious awards in the industry, the Tangs are delighted to be celebrating another win for the business.


“To be recognised by the industry we work in, for something that is not only our business but also our passion, means so much for our business, increasing our positive reputation to our customers.”


Congratulations on another great year at the Baking Industry Awards!



Runner Up: Hockleys (Northampton)


Micheal Hockleys Cake


Based on three iconic buildings around the world – The Leaning Tower of Pisa, a Chinese Pagoda and Big Ben – complemented by figures in national dress and flowers from each region of the world to create a striking visual of colour and sugar craft technique. Royal icing, hand modelling and edible spray paint were all used to great effect by Michael and Graham Hockley in delivering this incredibly worthy finalist entry.


Runner Up:  Slattery (Whitefield)


Slattery Cake


The injection of humour into the cake, through the use of the two modelled travellers, ‘Fred and Maude’ on postcards and photographs featured around the cake, was an inspired touch, and the variety of techniques used from modelling to royal icing and edible printed paper to hand painted details showed the hard work and ingenuity of the whole team at Slattery, headed up by the inimitable Sarah Barnes. A fabulous finalist entry for 2013!


Images: Rob Lawson