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Our Markets


Working alongside B2B business partners in wholesale, Renshaw has developed a range of products to support customers and their consumers. Wholesalers are the delivery solutions for product across many industries including sugarcrafters, bakers, retailers and foodservice.

Our wholesale partners offer trade customers a vast range of products including multi temperature distribution. They support customers through field sales and telesales offering next day delivery every week with a low minimum order value.

The benefit to a customer of buying through a wholesaler is that their customers can consolidate orders for products across a wide choice of products and product categories from numerous suppliers.

Renshaw works in partnership to provide account management, product training, marketing and food inspiration support across many disciplines.

Our wholesale partners offer a wide range of Renshaw products from Sugarpaste, Flower & Modelling Paste and Marzipan products through to Frostings, Caramels and Bakery Sundries.


More and more people in the UK are buying meals and snacks to eat outside the home. The number of foodservice outlets in the UK continues to grow and the choice of foods broadens. Renshaw has developed a range of products to support the foodservice sector.

This range of products supports foodservice across profit and cost centre industries. These include coffee shops, bars, restaurants, B&I, education and healthcare.


Renshaw’s manufacturing channel has provided our business partners in the bakery trade with high quality ingredients for many years.

The range of manufacturers Renshaw supplies is vast and multi-disciplined. We touch every sector from artisan bakeries to multinational operations, giving us unrivalled coverage. Our range includes sugarpaste, Marzipan, caramel, fondant and mallows, as part of a complete range.

Renshaw works in partnership to develop long lasting relationships with its customers, offering a service which includes strong marketing and applications support, consumer insights, account management, product development and unrivalled knowledge of the industry.

Working alongside B2B business partners in manufacturing, Renshaw develops ranges of products to support customers and their consumers. The range of manufacturers Renshaw supplies is vast and multi-disciplined, from bakery to confectionary.

Our links with virtually all of the major UK retailers is strong, which puts us in the enviable position of having first-hand knowledge of the key trends and consumer activity which shape the future of our market.

We take pride in learning how our customers work, and what they want to achieve.


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For more information about any of Renshaw’s B2B channels please email info@renshawbaking.com or call 0151 706 8203.