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Anti-Valentine’s Day Baking Ideas

Wednesday 11th February 2015

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, Valentine’s Day just might not be your cup of tea. Or maybe you’ve been hoping for an excuse to dust-off your heart shape cutters but there isn’t anyone you fancy sharing your cakes with just yet. That doesn’t mean you can’t mark the occasion in your own cynical way. We’ve found some great ideas for Anti-Valentine’s Day baking, from cute cupcakes to crazy cookies!

Cupcakes to mend a broken heart

Broken heart cupcake toppers are a common theme in Anti-Valentine’s Day baking. They’re simple to make; take your heart shaped cutter and your choice of
fondant icing, cut a lightning bolt shape down the middle and your topper is ready to go. You can also add your own unique touches, like a dainty plaster to hold your heart together or something more direct and blunt like a dagger through the centre. Express your emotion through sugar paste! We also like the added touch of sprinkles on these which makes the frosting shimmer invitingly. You could try this out with our Pink Glimmer Sugar.

(Image source: Pinterest)

Baked with love/hate

These ribcage cookies by
Cupookie aren’t necessarily Anti-Valentine’s, but they are an amazing alternative for anyone who finds Valentine’s Day a bit too sickly sweet and twee. They’re also a great excuse to get creative by making detailed and delicate bones from fondant icing or flower paste, and the small glittery heart adds just a hint of a softer side to the baker.

Perhaps you need a bit of baking therapy and what better way to exorcise relationship demons than by baking voodoo cookies like
Not Quite Nigella. What could be more satisfying than imagining an old flame while you bite the leg off your cookie person!

If you’re not into revenge/voodoo baking but still feel like the Grumpy Cat of Valentine’s Day, you can have a little fun (or try to) with some sceptical slogans for your cookies. These would look great using a letter embosser or stamp on your fondant icing, or by using piping icing to write little phrases. These Grumpy Cat cookies by
Geek Sweets contrast Anti-Valentine’s messages nicely with brightly coloured fondant icing, and a batch of these might just make you smile.

Divorce cakes for the newly unwed

Another alternative baking theme which is becoming more and more common is the divorce cake! As we tend to mark other significant occasions with cake, many people have started to turn a negative into a positive and signify a fresh start with a cakes which are sometimes as elaborate as their wedding cake. There are many humorous examples which have been decorated with the cake topper bride or groom pushing the other off the cake. We like this ‘Take the garbage out’ idea! Or for something that’s a little more subtle you could take inspiration from
Well Kneaded Bakery’s ‘dart the heart’ cake.

(Image source: Buzzfeed)

If you’ve ever made an Anti-Valentine’s Day cake or are planning on making one this year, we’d love to see them! Share your photos with us on Facebook (Renshaw Baking), Twitter or Instagram (@renshawbaking).