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A New Baby Cake Trend: Gender Reveal Cakes

Thursday 20th June 2013

Two of our favourite things at Renshaw are cake (as you might imagine!) and surprises. So imagine our delight when we discover a new baby cake trend that combines both. Welcome to the fun world of gender reveal cakes, which began in America and Australia, but is quickly catching on in Great Britain too.

Gender reveal cakes add a fun element of surprise and suspense to parties (or baby showers) before the birth. Guests gather round a beautifully crafted cake and wait to find out the gender of the baby (before it’s born!) by the mother-to-be cutting into the cake and revealing either a pink or blue cake sponge centre.

What Will It Be?


It’s a girl! As revealed in Lulliloo Photography. Cake make by Sweeter Still Cupcakes.

Cakes come in different sizes, shapes and forms. From tiered cakes with sugarpaste modelling, to single layer cakes with piped words. Another option is to make cupcakes or cake pops for each guest, allowing everybody to take part in the big reveal.

Towel Cake


Strikingly simple, this cake requires only two different Ready to Roll Icing colours and gives no hint to what colour lies inside. Towel Cake Recipe.

Generally the mother-to-be knows the gender and is revealing to her friends and family, but some baby showers have even taken the surprise a step further. The baker or friend may contact the mother-to-be’s doctor to discover the gender and reveal the sex of the baby by cake!

Boy Or Girl?


Sweet Kiera‘s striking cake made using Ready to Roll icing with freelance colouring (see the main image for the cake design).

What’s really special is the level of detail, imagination and thought that may go into the gender reveal cake. After all it is the focal point of the party (along with the mother-to-be of course). If you’re looking for ideas to make a cake really stand out we have brought together a couple of ideas for utterly cute sugar paste designs.

He or She? Open to see!


Confident with piping words? Consider adding a sweet message to your cake as Crazy Cakes has here.

Blissfully Sweet


Birds are a common theme for gender reveal cakes and are delightfully simple to make using Ready to Roll icing as Blissfully Sweet has done here. Block shapes in contrasting Ready to Roll icing are a great idea if you’re unsure how to tackle sugarpaste modelling.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this cake trend from across the pond. One question we have is, will Kate Middleton be having a gender reveal cake at her royal baby shower?!